Weight Difference - Steel vs Graphite

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By Steve C

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  1. For a set of AP1 irons 4 thru W (8 clubs), what is the approx weight difference between steel and graphite shafts?


  2. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    That is a bit difficult to answer. If you are looking for info on the "stock" shafts and are looking for the total weight delta then: The stock steel shaft weighs either 95 or 107 grams, depending on flex. The stock graphite shaft weighs either 57 or 69 grams, depending on flex. In either case the irons are normally made to the same swing weight of D2 unless you ask for something different. With the number of different shafts available you can get a steel shaft that weighs as much as 140 grams or a graphite shaft that weighs as little as 48 grams.

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