Thinking of upgrading my 710 AP2's....Suggestions, Thoughts?

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By JayBee

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  1. JayBee


    Congratulations to Francesco Molinari! Hope everyone had a marvelous Open Championship Sunday! It was getting interesting to say the least, haven't been that glued to my TV in some time. But my oh my, what an Open Championship! & Another Victory for the #1 ball in golf!!

    So heres the scoop... i've been currently on the fence about upgrading my irons, currently playing a set of Titleist AP2 710 series (PW-4), I absolutely love them. I know Steve Stricker still games his 710 AP2's (3i-9i) to this day on the PGA and PGA Champions Tour...

    But heres my dilemma... obviously over years time the iron faces get some wear and tear but mine are nothing severe or any sweet spot special rust spot marks or anything like that... the worst condition iron is probably the 7 iron & PW but like i said nothing crazy bad just slight wear & ball nicks here and there... but i'd say on a condition scale 1 out of 10... these are like a 7-7.5 out of 10 for condition wise... while the rest of the set is a solid 8/10 their still shining like the day i got them (besides PW&7)... When i first bought these AP2s it was just PW-5iron so i bought the 4 iron separately, and it's a brand new iron forged AP2 710 head just what i needed.. right out the box. I can't help but notice every time i crush or hit my 4 iron its got this amazing crunch/pureness sound to it...this could be cause the PW-5 are KBS TOUR by FST stiff and the 4 iron is Dynamic Gold S200... which is the same as my 52 Vokey TVD WedgeWorks...

    Im thinking if i should buy a few new heads for my AP2 710 set or should i got try out some new irons?? tbh i really don't got the coin for the price tags on these new set of irons now a days... i really do love the look and feel of these AP2's, as i played 710 AP1s my beginning years golfing OTR Regular flex, now the past year or two I've been playing with these AP2's 710 and i love the look of a players forged iron... i know so many of these new iron sets and manufactures companies are CRANKING the lofts up, BIG TIME! Now a days a new OTR 7 iron is what my AP2's 5 iron loft is, maybe even my 4 iron hahaha...

    Any ways I recently have been hitting my buddies 712 CB Titleist irons and i loved them but here the catch and maybe im just over thinking shafts and irons too much. okay but they had some TOUR AD BLACK Graphite Design Stiff flex Shafts but i always thought i couldn't play CBs or MBs cause i always was told they're for the better player golfer, but after nutting a couple of those CBs its hard to determine a difference... as I've grown to like these bada** players iron look from address, currently use a BV TVD 52 which is very thin top line like a MB but wedge... I was thinking of just replacing my PW with a Bob Vokey 46 or 48 degree and just buying a new 7 iron (718/716 are the lofts cranked that much) but was thinking of getting maybe that throw off my gapping??

    any advice or thoughts, ideas are all greatly appreciated!!


  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The technology, primarily moving/adding tungsten weighting, is substantially different than the 710's. Adding just a 7 iron could be substantially different. On a bright note, the 7 iron is what they use for fittings, so you can get a comparison to your current 7 iron. One thing you can do with Titleist is order any no up charge shaft on any Titleist iron head for the same price as a "stock" on the rack set. If you can find a Titleist Thursday, you can work with the fitter for any head and available shaft to see if you can optimize distance, launch, descent, and dispersion. It might well be a CB instead of an AP2.
    Some pro's, like Steve, are notorious for not changing what works. The only reason he has a 913 driver is because the 909 head cracked. With the forgiveness available in the 718's, there could be enough reason to retire the 710's. If you can find 710 heads, I'd question if they were counterfeit. Titleist doesn't release heads only and haven't made 710 clubs available new since the 712's came out.
  3. Mark C

    Mark C
    Scituate, MA

    Stick to the 718 AP2's - I bought and returned the AP3's - nice clubs, but if you're use to forged, you will not like the 3's


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