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By Kurt V

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  1. Kurt V

    Kurt V
    Austin, TX

    You no longer list iron head bounce. I have always felt it was important. My favorite set has been 712 CB’s. Now at 61 I need more help. I hit CB’s better than AP2’s in prior generations. I was fit for AP3’s and love the distance but miss the feel of my CB’s. I have tries AP1’s all generations but can’t hit them. They go low. It feels like I hit the ground first and the head bounces up hitting the ball low on the face. I was also fit for PXG gen 2. 7-PW 0311P then 5&6 XF. I love the feel of the P model but can’t hit the XF 5&6 to save my life. Went back to the AP3’s I wonder if my issue is with the sole width/ bounce angle. I read that the 718 AP2 are more like the CB’s of the past. I like the mid and long irons in the AP3 better that I like the scoring irons 8-PW. Maybe AP2 short irons? I grew up playing blades until 1985 when png eye2 came out.

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