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By Alex

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  1. Would be cool to see what you guys/girls are gaming this season.

    Excited to see what your rocking.

  2. Vincent C.

    Vincent C.
    Cincinnati, OH

    716 ap1
    SM6 48,54,60
    Scotty Golo 3
    915 H
    818 F
    Soon-TS2 lol
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  3. Vincent C. said:

    716 ap1
    SM6 48,54,60
    Scotty Golo 3
    915 H
    818 F
    Soon-TS2 lol
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    Which alignment sticks are those? I havent seen any that look like that.
  4. Titleist 917 D2 Driver (X Flex Fuji Speeder)
    Titleist 917 F3 13.5 Degree (X Flex Fuji Speeder)
    Titleist T-MB 17 Degree 2 Iron (Tour AD DI 95 X Flex)
    Titleist MB 718 4-PW (KBS C Taper X Flex)
    50, 54, 58 SM6 Vokey Wedges
    Odyssey X Blade No.8 With Superstroke Fatso
  5. 917 D2 9.5* Rouge Max 65x
    917 F2 15* Diamana Blue
    818 H2 19* Atmos Blue
    718 AP2 Project X 6.0
    Vokey SM6 51*, 55*, 60*
    Scotty Cameron Tour Newport
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  6. Zangetsu


    915 D2 8,5
    917 F2 13,5
    718 TMB 2 iron
    718 TMB 3 iron
    716 mbs
    2018 select
    SM7 46
    SM7 52
    SM7 58


    915 D2
    917 F2
    818 H1
    718 cbs
    2018 select
    Sm7 54
    Sm7 60

    Like to change my set make up once in a while/ depending on the course i play.
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  7. Nick D

    Nick D
    Long Beach

    Right now,

    913 D2 10.5* Proforce V2 66s
    913 fd 15* Speeder Evo 757 TS
    913h 21* Proforce V2 90x
    716 cb 4-PW AMT S300
    Vokey SM6 52/12, 58/12 DG Spinner
    2016 Scotty Cameron NP2

  8. Ralph C

    Ralph C
    South Bend, IN

    Titleist Players 4, black
    Titleist 983k, 9.5°, Penley Stealth 50, Golf Pride Tour
    cally Burner 3 wood
    cally Big Bertha 5 wood
    Titleist 962b (3-9,P), Dynamic Gold, Golf Pride Tour
    Snake Eyes 52/10
    swoosh Forged 56°
    Titleist DCI Black 60°
    png Anser
    Titleist Pro V1 (occasionally V1x). Always.

    Plan to replace the Callys with a 13° & 18° Titleist 906f2, if I can find a nice pair with matching shafts.
    New SM 7s for next season? Hopefully.
    Would eventually like to replace the 962b's (which I added this season) with Titleist 918 AP2's (MB's, in my dreams), within the next season, or so. Hard to part with, though. I've had other golfers see them in my bag and literally worship them. Davis Love got his 59 with 962b's (not me, yet...). They replaced png G2's, smartest decision I've made in a long time. The 3 is ridiculously hard to hit, btw.
    I love my 983k, it replaced a png TiSi 10.5°, which was a good (but awful sounding) driver. The Titleist is arrow straight, which is no small feat considering my slice.
    The vintage Titleist equipment is really a testament to great engineering. Although I've been playing since the 80's, I took a big break, and finally got back in the game. Realizing my former 8/10 handicap is now around 20+ hurts, so I'm building my skills to justify a proper set of modern Titleist clubs. And loving every minute of it.

  9. Blake v

    Blake v
    tampa, FL


    Currently i’m gaming:

    917 D3 driver 9.5
    917 D3 3 wood 15
    716 T-MB 3 iron
    718 AP1 irons 4-p
    SM6 wedges 48.8/52.8/56.12/60.10
    SIK putter (was a Newport Select notchback but a buddy of mine gave me this putter and i’m rolling well with it)
  10. Every set here sounds and looks awesome! Thanks

    Some very happy #TeamTitleist members here
  11. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    AP2-716 PW-7i
    AP3-718 7i-5i (yes, two 7is)
    SM7 50.08F, 54.10S, 58.12D
    SC Newport 2
    Post Image
  12. Doug,
    Why do you have 2 7 irons?
    Do you have both of them in the bag at the same time when you play?


  13. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Jim B said:

    Why do you have 2 7 irons?
    Do you have both of them in the bag at the same time when you play?


    Jim, i've seen Doug post that he uses the two 7 irons because the loft differences works to solve the gap between the AP2 and AP3. His picture does still have the 4 iron there so i count 15 clubs. Ops!
  14. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Dale, you are correct about the two 7 irons. In summer, I hit my AP2 about 150 and my AP3 to about 160, depending on lie. 5i is my longest iron, then an 818H1 19, just upgraded to 917F 3W (from the 915 in the pic) and am chomping at the bit for a new TS2 or 3 TBD. The 4 iron was used in place of the hybrid, but I only used it 4 or 5 rounds, before going back to the hybrid and choking down a touch if I need slightly less distance. It's more versatile than the 4i. I custom ordered the 4i with a Recoil graphite shaft (all other irons are steel), but chose the wrong shaft weight for me. Too light. It was my own fault. Was not fitted for it. So I sold it on Ebay for more than I paid for it three weeks after it was delivered. Only playing 14 clubs at one time, but good catch.
  15. Jason P

    Jason P
    South Abington Twp

    913D2 8.5* Diamana White
    904F 15* Fujikura Speeder
    910H 19* Diamana Blue
    4-5 712 AP1 Project X 6.5
    6-PW 712 AP2 Project X 6.5
    52*-56*-60* Vokey 200 Series Oilcan DG Spinners
    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

    4 kids all under 7 hasn’t allowed me to upgrade in a while but I’m saving up!!
  16. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    I have 3 bag setups. Ironically, I go through a few phases a year. Right now it's the 14 MB's. 17 driver, and 816 hybrid at 19 degrees. Next month it could be the 16 AP2's, either way with the 7's and a Newport rolling an X. Hasn't been anything in my bag other than Titleist since the early 90's......
  17. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    917D3, 917F2 16.5 & 21, 915H 24, 718 T-MB 6-PW, Vokey SM6 50, 54, 60, Scotty GoLo3
    Post Image
  18. After a few years of hand me downs and less than stellar clubs, I figured that in order to get better I needed to get good equipment. After watching a few videos on You Tube I saw that Titleist was the way to go. I don't know if any of you watch him, but Mark Crossfield was a big influence on my decision (even before he signed with Titleist). He's a straight forward no bull (and funny) kind of guy from England. So between 2nd swing and Global Golf I've started my collection. Still don't have a Scotty ($$$). I love these clubs. I sometimes feel that I don't do them justice but I'm getting there. Next time I'm saving up and getting fitted. Looking forward to learning from all the experienced golfers on here.
    Here's my line up:
    917 D2 9.5* (adjusted to 8.75*)
    917 F2 15*
    816 H1 19*
    816 H1 23*
    716 AP2 5-PW
    SM6 52/08
    SM5 56/14
    SM6 60/08
    Qdessey Versa
  19. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    917 D2 10.5 - Diamana White
    917 F2 16.5 - Diamana Blue
    818 H1 21 - Tensei Blue
    718 AP3 5-48*
    SM7 52, SM5 56, SM6 60
    SC Newport 2

    I sometimes put in my 4 iron and swap the 52 and 56 for a 54
  20. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    Update - changed from 917’s with:

    TS3 10.5 - Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 (6.0)
    TS3 16.5 - Diamana Ltd S+ Blue 80 (Stiff)
  21. 917 D2 - 10.5

    917 F2 - 15

    816 H1 - 19 and 23

    918 AP3 - 5 thru 48*

    Vokey SM6 - 52 and 56

    Scotty Cameron Futura 5s
  22. 917 D2 10.5 but set to 12*
    917 F2 16.5*
    T-MB 2 iron
    C16 4-W (8 irons)
    Vokey SM6 54.10
    Vokey 260.04 (Yes, very old)
    Scotty Cameron Sanat Fe Terylem (Also very old)

    I'm thinking about dropping my F2 in favour of a SM7 50.12 since my W is 47* and PW is 43*
  23. Sebastien D

    Sebastien D
    Mascouche, Qc

    Titleist TS3 Project X evenflow T1100 6.5 75grams
    2Iron - cally Apex forged UT with Graphite Design Tour AD-Di 85x
    3-pw cally Apex MB 2018
    SM7 54* and 60*
    Odyssey O works putter
  24. 716 MB
    Vokey SM7 50, 54, 58
    Staff Stand Bag
  25. 917 D3 9.5⁰ with Fujikura Speeder or Aldila VS
    917 F3 13.5⁰ with Fujikura Bombax or Aldila DVS
    816 H1 17⁰ with Fujikura Motore or Aldila NV
    716 AP2 with Dynamic Gold S300 AMT
    SM7 52°-8° F
    SM7 56°-10° S
    SM7 60°-12° K
    Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5
  26. Paul C

    Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

    TS2 10.5
    TS2 3 wood 15*
    915Hd 17.5
    915Hd 20.5
    915Hd 23.5
    C16 5-PW
    SM7 48*
    SM7 52*
    Scotty Cameron Red X
    For some courses I change hybrid loft to eliminate one and add an SM7 58*.
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