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By Henry L

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  1. Hi everyone, I demo’d the 718 Ap1 over the weekend and what a great club! Looks good and feels good. I could use a little help on shaft choice though. Is there a big difference between the AMT Red and the XP95s? Both felt good and nimbers were similar.

    Any help or input is appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Larry M

    Larry M

    I went with project x LZ shaft and I love the feel
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The AMT has a variable weighting. I guess you only worked with the 7 iron. I find the flighting with the AMTs from 6 through P to be better than with other sets I’ve used. My SM6’s have the XP95’s (AMTs weren’t an option then), and I’m ok with the mixture. Neither shaft is an upcharge so your order would be the same price.
  4. Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

    There is not much between them stats wise. Minimal weight difference depending on what flex you choose. Slight Torque difference, One has constant weight and one ascending weight shaft. These are really personal preferences and totally upto you and no one else really. They should have covered this in your fitting helping you to make the decision.

    I would NOT take anyone else's advice on shafts they like as we are all different and one person might love one shaft but its not good for you.

    If they are the two youve narrowed it down to, go try them again side by side, and again if you have too. Took me almost 2months trying different brands and models before choosing my AP1 718's .

    A quick example - Project X LZ is a Low/mid launching shaft, and is heavier
    AMT Red is a Mid/High launching shaft and is lighter
    XP95 is a Mid/High launching shaft and is also lighter

    Its your choice really and what feels best for you then back it up by the Numbers, one shaft might feel better but slightly lower numbers, one might have better Numbers but not feel as good. A good balanced compromise between feel and performance is how id go .

    Where did you go for your fitting?? Was it at a Titleist fitting centre or a Golf Store fitting?

    Hope this helps abit : )
  5. Henry, I too am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new set and am testing the AMT as well. Light weight and good feel. Will be interested to hear what people say about the XP.
  6. beaureed445

    Edmond, OK

    I just received my 718 AP1's. I went with AMT Red shafts, due to the higher launch. I also ordered a 54* Vokey, and chose to shaft it the same. I haven't gamed them yet, but I'm looking forward to hitting them over Labor Day weekend.
  7. Tom J

    Tom J
    Vernon Hills, IL

    I'm currently playing the 718 AP1's with the AMT Red. I didn't try the XP95 with the AP1's. For me, the decision was between the AMT and graphite. I have played the XP95 shaft on other manufacturers' irons and enjoyed them. I don't think you can go wrong with either shaft. I do like the feel offered by the Ascending Mass shafts: for me, it's more speed with the long irons and more stability with the short irons. Good luck with your decision.
  8. Good feedback from Tom. Curious to know what made the ultimate decision between steel and graphite?
  9. Tom J

    Tom J
    Vernon Hills, IL

    TUser, I went into my fitting (Titleist Thursday) expecting a recommendation for a graphite shaft, but the results: tighter dispersion and preferred trajectory, plus comparable distance, resulted in my going with the AMT Red.
  10. Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

    I have the 718 AP1's in Graphite Tensei Pro Red AMC Stiff, +1 longer, 4 upright, jumbo grips. I choose the Graphite over steel for comfort mainly. I had TM irons in steel which were great but ive had numerous injurys over the years from Motorcross and Football, broken wrists, leg, pins, screws etc. Im still pretty fit and do 18 holes no problem but the difference between iron and graphite was unreal. I was hitting the same distances, trajectories, abit higher maybe all with much less effort in swinging. It makes it all more enjoyable and i dont feel so tired. I can quite easily hit 250 balls at the range and still feel pretty fresh with the graphite shafts. Id be feeling it by 125 balls with my old iron shafts. Im only 43, 6ft 4 and have no qualms in using graphite as some people think they are for seniors and ladies ; )
  11. MY 714s have the x95 shaft, and I tried the X95 and the AMT Red when I demo'd the 718 AP1s. I liked the weight and the launch of the the AMT Red better than the X95.

    Now that I've got my own set, I'm glad I went with the AMT Red... the ball gets up quicker and higher and the swing feel across the set is great.
  12. Fernando R

    Fernando R
    Sao Paulo

    Do you guys know your clubhead speed? I'm deciding between AMT Red and Black. Thanks
  13. Demoed AP1 718 with NS Pro 880 shaft and it felt great.

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