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By Chris K

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  1. Chris K

    Chris K
    Medway, MA

    I just ordered the AP3 irons through my pro shop and the pro said I’ll have them this week! I can’t wait to hit these beautiful irons and add them to the bag every week.

    Does anyone have the AP3s? I did a lot of research and watched a bunch of the videos. I also hit them several times indoors. I can’t wait to see how they perform out on the course. They feel amazing!

  2. Joe M

    Joe M
    Palos Park, IL

    I have used them for 150 rounds and love them.
  3. Blake T

    Blake T
    Richton, MS

    Great choice and congrats! I have been gaming the AP3's since march and have seen consistently better ball flight and control and some added distance I love them and think you have made an outstanding choice!
  4. Have been playing the AP3s since last November and I just love them! Assuming you’ve got a proper fitting and have found the ideal shaft and setup you’ve made an excellent choice!
  5. Dro


    Just received mine yesterday and was bombing the ball out back! My favorite # is 5, so that’s the club I christened. I hit about 30 balls and the club was definitely giving great feedback. I was fitted for a different shaft and lie, and I could notice the consistency.

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