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By Dale W

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  1. Hi all, don't post very often (if at all!) but had a couple of titbits...

    Firstly, was looking at some new irons a couple of years ago and had a fitting on the 716 AP2, having picked up a 50 degree 714 AP2 and loved it.

    The guy doing the fitting was brilliant (but maybe not if you are a Titleist accountant!) as after the chat through and hitting and monitoring and trying he told me I had the right shafts (KBS Tour Stiff) already and so it was down to whether I wanted the new heads. I had Cleveland 588 CB forged and was hitting them well, so I didn't change.

    Last year I had another fitting (for miz JPX 900 Tour and Forged) and again got told the KBS Tour stiff were right for me, so I didn't change heads again.

    Beginning of this year I had a minor windfall and thought I'd get 718 AP2 as the look was a huge step up from 716/714 etc and I'd always wanted a set of Titleist. So, as I'd had 2 recent fittings that gave me KBS Tour Stiff as optimal for me I thought I'd just buy them in the irons. So I did.

    Now I know I didn't have a third fitting specifically for these (and more fool me for not doing so, so please don't shout at me for that!). I received them and struck them great, feel was wonderful, forgiving and work-able enough, super turf interaction but I had an absolute moon-ball (ie ridiculously high) flight every time. To the extent that I dropped at least a club length per iron (and, the lofts are similar to my old clubs).

    It's not because I'm playing badly as I have come down a couple of shots back to 5 over the summer, so I adapted quite well despite the flight (and even a bit of the reduction was in the last couple of weeks when I was using my (very) old Bridgestone, which I haven't used for years (and went further and lower, but weren't as forgiving on off strikes)

    I have just switched shafts out to the AMT Tour White S300 to bring the launch down a bit and am taking these out for the first time this weekend.

    So, my questions are:

    Are the new AP2 really quite high launch and spin heads or is it me (I know you can't see me swing or hit)?

    When I switched shafts (via the factory) why would I not receive the old shafts back, having paid for them in the first place, are they ruined when being pulled out of the head?

  2. The AP2 heads are not high launching heads per se. The lofts on them are higher as they are part of our Tour models, but it sounds like the combination of those heads and shafts created too much spin for you.

    When we do re-shafts, we will return the shafts only if requested as these used shafts are normally destroyed.

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