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By Greg G

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  1. Hi, on your webpage you state that additional heavier and lighter weights sold separately for the surefit weights. How much heavier weights can you buy ? I would like to take an 1 1/2" off the driver and try to keep the swing weight around standard.


  2. I am assuming you are inquiring about the TS weights. We have weights that are -2grams, -4grams, +2gr, +4gr and +6gr. When you cut a driver down 1.5", you will be removing more swingweight than we can replace by using weights (approx 8-10 swingweights). The +6gr will only give you another 3 swingweights so you will also have to use a lightweight grip such as a 25 gram grip, which will give you an additional 5-6 swingweights. The combination should bring you close to a standard swingweight.
  3. I have a similar question if I may - I am playing my 917D2 10.5 at 43 inches. I'm 5ft 8 inches or 173cm and all of my irons are an inch shorter than standard and 2 degrees flat. I play all of my 3 Titleist woods in the B1 position. I hit it circa 290-300yds with the Driver but wanted more accuracy.

    Can you tell me what weight to insert in the driver from the weight kit to return it to a standard swing weight? The shaft is an Alidila Phenom RIP 70g with a golf pride tour velvet with only one layer of tape.

    Also the same question re the weights on the 3 wood and hybrid as they are also shorter than standard (same grips and tape):

    917F with an Aldilla Phenom RIP 80g fairway shaft but playing 41 inches; and

    818H1 with an Aldilla Phenom RIP 80g fairway shaft but playing 39.5 inches.

  4. Don J

    Don J
    Cranston, RI

    Hi,by any chance if any one has switched from 917's to a TS's I was wondering if some one might have a pair of 16gr weights for a 917 driver and 917 fairway metal that they could part with?Thanks,Don.

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