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  1. Dro


    I’ve been a TM driver/woods player since I started golfing (app. 15 yrs.). I went to hit the TS drivers today and fell in love w/ the feel! So much, that I didn’t even swing a TM this afternoon! I spent at least 40-60 minutes getting dialed in to the right TS driver, loft and shaft.

    My research led me to believe the TS2 was for me. I’m glad I took the time to hit them instead of thinking I knew best! I started out w/ that club and had some nice balls. We switched to the TS3 and I was getting 20 yards more carry and it seemed to fit my swing much better! The Pro changed the weight to make it more heel-heavy and I was blasting them! I had no intentions of walking away w/ a new driver today, I just wanted to hit them and plan accordingly for next golf season, but the salesman got sold!

    TS3- 9.5 loft. Tensai AV Blue Shaft.

    Side note- I’m getting old- I lost App. 5-7 MPH of swing speed! I hit the ball straighter more consistently, so I guess the trade off is worth it!

  2. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Glad to hear how much you are enjoying the new TS drivers....I completely agree FWIW.

    Now that I am 50yrs old...I also have been working hard to keep my swing speed up...I will say with the new TS Driver I gained almost 3-5mph more clubhead speed!

    Since I put my new driver TS2 in play at the beginning of September I am almost back to a scratch handicap...I definitely am hitting more fairways and the ball goes a lot longer!

  3. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    I received my ts3 last week when I was on holiday and its a bomber. Can't wait to take it out on the course this weekend

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