Re shafting or replacing my C16/PXI's

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By stuart c

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  1. stuart c

    stuart c
    portland, OR

    When the 716's came out I got fitted by Titleist for PXI 5.5 and loved them, I was given a set of C16s last winter and I swapped out the heads and put in the PXI's. Hasn't been quite as good and I don't know why, maybe the weight of the heads. I know the loft, lie and offset are the same for both C16s as the 716 AP1S. Looking to get refit for 718s or just reshaft my c16's ( love the look of the C16 and really don't want to go to 718 but will if that is what the fitting shows ) and saw that the PXI are discontinued. Are the LZ my best option? I know I need to go through the fitting and will but wanted to get some input as well Thanks

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