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By PFlettrich

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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am currently a 20 handicap and having been playing for a little less than a year. I recently got fitted for new irons, as this is the weakest part of my game. Interestingly enough my fitting came to the 716 Ap1 and the 718 Ap3. My fitter is leaving the decision up to me. I hit the Ap1 more consistently than the 718 Ap3, but not by much. Both clubs feel good. My biggest dilemma right now is picking which set to go with. I am more consistent with the 716s, but i think the 718s will be better for me long term. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

  2. BCH


    Welcome to Team Titleist!

    When I first started to play golf I purchased a set of nice forged blade irons, at the time (circa 1979) for $300. I was probably a 25 handicap at the time. Not a lot of choices in player improvement clubs in that era. They were definitely too much club for me at the time.

    Quite a bit of money in those days and told myself I would be foolish if I did not learn to play them. Fast forward to today: maybe the best investment I ever made.

    You have made a great choice with Titleist as they have lots of good options wether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional golfer.

    Either choice you make would be a good one. I would recommend you buy the ones that offer the best long term value for you as a player.

    Good luck!

  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Being AP1s and 716 models, I assume there is a substantial savings over the 718 AP3. The AP1s are not like some of the super game improvement irons that Adams golf used to offer as senior sets. I'd take the better consistency today. Having the AP1s for the next 3-5 years won't hurt you. Being in the 20's is not a time to worry about the high draw, low cut shots that a true blade can do in the hands of a skilled player.
    That said, I moved from 716 AP1 to 718 AP3, but I was as consistent with both with a little better distance with the AP3. Could you use the savings for a putter/hybrid/driver upgrade?
  4. Thanks for the input. I think I am leaning more towards the AP1 because they felt better and i need the consistency. And like you said Don, definitely a lot more budget friendly.
  5. I am considering buy a used set of 716 ap1’s $300

    I currently have a set of KZG’s that I picked up last year for $90 bucks.

    My handicap is 16

  6. Thanks for the input. I think I am leaning more towards the AP1 because they felt better and i need the consistency. And like you said Don, definitely a lot more budget friendly.
  7. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

    Ap1 716 is what I have in the bag was fitted for the new 718 this year loved them but follow up with an 917 driver,918 hybrid and first new scotty putter.
    It's an decision that I don't regret but the new 718 are really good.
  8. Forgetting price, I would go with the AP1s for now. On the course you will appreciate the greater margin for error. When you shoot a good score no one is going to ask you what club you hit.
  9. DannyNJ

    Boynton Beach, FL

    I’m a huge fan of my AP3s, but I came from AP2s. I’ve played AP2s since they cam out in 2008, so I like a smaller, compact club. Don’t play as much as I used to and needed a little extra forgiveness so I went to the AP3s. If the size of the heads on AP1s don’t bother you (they are too big for me), then go AP1 since they are more forgiving. But if you like a smaller / traditional sized head, AP3 are the way to go. Good luck!
  10. James W

    James W
    Hillsboro, OR

    I agree with BMaddigan, I played the original AP1's and just recently replaced my 714 AP1's with 716 AP2's. I had the chance to play a few rounds with the 718 AP3's and although they are great clubs, would choose the AP1's hands down, they are much more consistent specially with off-center hits. Question, did you try the 718 AP1's?? Agreed you will save going with the 716's, but the 718's are a year old now and you might as well get the newest set you can for better longevity. Good luck, and enjoy which ever you choose.
  11. Frank W

    Frank W

    I would choose the AP3s. These will give you “room to grow” into your irons. Your game will, hopefully, progress to the point that the 3’s will fit you perfectly. Good luck either way.
  12. John M

    John M
    Aiken, SC

    Definitely go with the AP1. I am a 14 handicap and I got fitted into the AP3 when they came out. I liked them, but I ended up switching to the 718 AP1 for increased forgiveness. I LOVE THEM! I get more distance and more consistency. They are great.
  13. Hello PF,

    In order for you to make the best decision please take a look of the results between the balls that you hit with the ap1 and the ap3, regarding to the launch, spin, height, etc. Then you take the 2nd step regarding with the clubs looks and feel. It’s importan to always seek the clubs that you feel more comfortable with, a couple of months back, I had the same issue but between the AP2 (what i’m currently using) and the AP3, at the end the numbers don’t lie and I went with the ap2 718. I’m pretty sure that you’ve already have made up your mind and you preffer your ap1’s so listened to your guts and enjoy your next game.

    Hope you’ll find this useful

  14. Joey W

    Joey W
    Collierville, TN

    I went through the very same dilemma this summer. AP1 or AP3? I’m a 14 handicap.

    I have been playing the 714 AP1 for about 4 years and was eager to go to the AP3 when I first read about them. My bag consisted of 3-GW 714 AP1s and was a bit disheartened to find out that Titleist doesn’t make a 718 AP1 3-iron. When I was testing both sets and was fitted, I found out that the 718 AP1 irons are a degree stronger than the 714 and 716 irons. To me, they both felt great. However, like you, I was hitting the AP1s a bit more consistently. Factoring that in along wit he lower price, I went for the AP1s. I’m very happy— but I still occasionally ask myself “What if...”. :)

    My question to you is: why are you looking at buying the 716 AP1s over the 718s?
  15. I have played for over 40 yrs with forged players clubs , for most of this time I have been a single digit handicap currently I am a 4. Enough about me this passed July I was fit to the 718 AP1 out of Moon (Melbourne, FL)golf.Myfirst week with them I shot 74,73,70 . AP1 are a forgiving design that will allow you to do anything a players club will allow
  16. I went from the cally X 416 irons to the AP3s. Didn't get fitted and just pulled the trigger like an impatient golfer. At the time I was probably a high 20s handicap. It's been hell trying to hit the AP3s correctly over the past year but I'm just getting to the point where I don't have to worry about ballstriking and only need to focus on lineup. It's been almost a year with them and I'm now at a 19-20 handicap. If I could go back...I may be fitted and pick the AP1s simply for more forgiveness and less money. The AP3s are pretty sweet looking and certainly long but as BMaddigan said no one really asks you what clubs you're hitting. Heck, you may end up hitting so well with the AP1s that you won't need/want to ever upgrade. Hope that helps a bit
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  17. The 718 AP3 is a performance club whereas the 718 AP1 is a player improvement club. My thought is that the AP3 provides some additional distance but it is not as forgiving as the AP1. If you have some trouble hitting the ball in the center of the face consistently I would recommend the AP1.
  18. Did you try the "718" AP1s?
  19. Thanks for the input everyone! And yes I did ht the 718 AP1s and oddly enough I hit the 716 AP1 better
  20. I tried the AP1 716 and 718 when getting fitted and the pro said I was definitely hitting the AP1 716s straighter and further. So that’s what I’ve purchased.
  21. Peterg

    Shakopee, MN

    718AP3 for the longevity of your game. It will be well worth it.

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