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By Timothy S

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  1. Timothy S

    Timothy S
    Washington, IN

    I am curious if there is a chart or can someone enlighten me in which adapter tips are interchangeable on all driver fairway and hybrids? Any help is greatly appreciated

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Basically, driver to driver, fairway to fairway, and hybrid to hybrid.

    The only exception is the 910 models. Driver/fairway/hybrid all use the same driver adapter, so the 910 fairway/hybrids are not interchangeable, really, with anything.

    The 816/818 adapters are in 1 degree increments, and the 913/915 hybrids are 0.75 degree increments for loft adjustments. They interchangeable, but you get the loft adjustments of the shaft. So a 915 shaft on an 818 will still be 0.75 degree loft adjustments.
  3. Timothy S

    Timothy S
    Washington, IN

    Awesome thank you for your help

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