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By Michael C

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  1. Looking to possibly make the move from my DCI 990 to a more game improvement club. I can get a pretty sweet deal on some ap1 gen 1's . Has anyone else been in this situation, or has any feedback on the o.g. ap1's ? Thank you, fwiw, I have been playing 3 months and shoot +25... But always improving. Cheers

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Original AP1's are great. I probably played my set longer than any other iron set i have used. That said, the newer versions will have some even better features that help. Nothing wrong with using them as a transition set as you continue to improve. I personally feel it is helpful to get a proper fitting to know what shaft flex and lie fits your body and swing. You can do a Titleist Thursday for free against the new irons and then decide what you can afford, either picking up older AP1's or getting 716 or 718 models. That way if you pick up an older set, you at least get the right flex and lie.
  3. Thanks I pulled the trigger on a set 4-GW for $100, I am planning on lessons, and a membership next year. A fitting is in-store after that. Thank you for your input, I am very excited
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You should get a partial fitting to make sure the length and lie are appropriate for you. An improper lie will generate mishits and frustrate your progress. Striking the ground more with the heel or toe will open or close the face to your detriment. Getting lie checks even with your same set should be done every year or two.
  5. Thanks for the tip Don

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