716 AP2 TO 718 AP2 or AP3?

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By david s

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  1. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    I'm considering moving from my 716 AP2s to either the 718 AP2s of AP3s, have booked a fitting on a Titleist Thursday next week. I'm interested on anyone's feedback that have changed to either the 718 AP2s of AP3s and what were the pros and cons?

    thanks in advance


  2. David,
    I truly envy you!! Nothing makes a golfer happier than the undivided attention of a pro/fitter and all the latest kit to play with.
    I changed from 712 AP2's to 718 AP3 5/6/7 & AP2 8/9/PW in April. I kept my 716 T-MB 3 & 4 irons at the top end of the irons. I felt that the 712's "plateaued" at 5 & 6 and the distances achieved were too similar so I went for a combo set.
    Got KBS Red steel shafts across the 718's.
    I'm really pleased with the outcome. Gapping distances are consistent and I'm very impressed with the 5 iron, which really goes the distance. Would have bagged the AP3 4 iron in other circumstances.
    In prep'ing for the fitting, consider the distances you want to cover off and work from there.
    I didn't think there was much price differential between AP2 & AP3 so it comes down to feel, choice & fancy.
    I suddenly found I needed irons 2degree flat this time - Shows the benefit of a good fitter!!
    You might want to consider the PW, which has a stronger loft than earlier versions. There is an AP2 Gap Wedge available, but it's dearer than a Vokey SM7. I ended up with a 50degree SM7 to maintain gapping.

    Lots of decisions in a short space of time!!



  3. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Thanks for the feedback JT, I hadn't really considered the options of going for a combo set, having played with forged irons over the years I prefer to softer feel, but maybe a trade off that would suit if I went for a the AP3's in the longer irons. We shall see what the fitter suggests?
    thanks again!

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