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By Alex G

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  1. Alex G

    Alex G
    Brookmans Park,

    Hi. When ordering, what surefit weight should I specify in order to maintain factory standard swing weight on standard length TS3 driver, Diamana D+ White 70 shaft with multi compound grip ? Thanks.

  2. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi Alex, Swingweights on the new TS drivers vary from D5 with the Even Flow to D3 with the KuroKage 50 and C8 with the KuroKage 40. If you add the Multi Compound grip, it will add another swingweight so D6, D4, C9 etc.
    This is assuming all the drivers are standard length of 45.5".

    The LTD D+70 (white) S flex with a multi compound grip will build to a D7 at 45.5" (you can request as light as D3)
    Or D5 at 45".

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