Hybrid Hosels

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By Andy

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  1. Hosel adapters are compatible with 913-915-917 hybrids, but are they compatible with the 816-818 hybrids or is that a different adapter?

  2. Warren B

    Warren B
    South Arm, TAS

    different, I think.
  3. Definitely different...shorter length
  4. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    First, there is no 917 hybrid. Second, the 913 & 915 hybrid adapters are compatible with the 816 & 818 hybrid adapters. The only "issue" is the lost adjustment, the 913 & 915 adjust in .75* increments and the 816 & 818 hybrids adjust in 1* increments. I swap shafts between my 913 & 816 hybrids quite a bit.
  5. Thanks Barry, that's what I was hoping to hear, because it is between 913 and 816 that I am interested in. Right after I pressed the send button, I realized my faux pas that there is no 917 hybrid, because its next generation equivalent is the 816 hybrid. I don’t think I’ll notice the variance in ¼⁰ of hosel adjustment.

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