2019 First Rounds

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By Hulon M

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  1. Hulon M

    Hulon M
    Geneva, AL

    Decided to go ahead ang kick 19 off Titleist across the board

    915 8.5* Project X 84-C 6.0 X Stiff 913 15* Phenom 60 Stiff

    913H 19* 910H 21* both with a Project X 6.5 XStiff ( rotate depending on course conditions)

    4-9 716 AP2 DG S300 AMT

    46* 50*, 54*, 58* Vokey Wedges

    Early 2000's SC Newport, Made for Tour # A020909

    Looking forward to another greqt year with Titleist!

    Post Image
  2. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    Sweet looking set up.
  3. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    Nice setup.
  4. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Very nice,
    Good luck and play well this season.
  5. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Have a great season Hulon. Enjoy your new set up.

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