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By JasonL

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  1. I was SO excited to see the new AP2's and AP3's with that Black Finish. Only to be let down again as they are exclusively for RH players. I understand that the vast majority of the market are RH players but come ON, they can't make a limited amount of LH sets as well? What am I supposed to spend this $1,500 on now?

  2. JD D

    JD D

    If I were you I would start playing right handed just to get those.
  3. Left handed players have feelings too!! The clubs look great, how does the finish hold up over time is the question.
  4. There are more and more of us lefties popping up it shouldn’t be this hard to get left handed golf equipment ! Went looking
    For Scotty Cameron putter last spring found
    37 right handed and three left handed WTF
    ? So bought a png putter instead
  5. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Problem solved.
    Post Image
  6. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    Dale, extra points for this response. Actually made me laugh out loud.
  7. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Rob E said:

    Dale, extra points for this response. Actually made me laugh out loud.

    Hopefully my lefty buddies know i'm just kidding around and i really do have empathy for their dilemma. No easy answers for how a company can provide limited market items at a price that people can afford and not an impact to mass production or a loss of profit.
  8. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Hopefully some day there will be a "custom shop" spin off where special orders for low production or individual customization of all the Titleist clubs can be done at a price point so that wouldn't interfere with the market and manufacture of the rest of the production line.
  9. Totally agree. This always happens with the Vokey limited release finishes and, basically every Scotty Cameron release.
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Here's to hoping that Titleist w/o retired CEO Wally Uihlein (a southpaw) won't forget LH golfers. Only Titleist and png offer essentially all products LH as well as RH. Which is how I started with Titleist in the first place. Other OEMs offer many of their iron sets like SC offer LH putters. ..."Use this one"... I tried other putters LH, but nothing feels like a SC. Luckily, I'm ambidextrous putting (no better either way) and have a Cameron & Crown Mallet, but I still have a LH Newport 2 when right isn't right.
    I'd buy a LH TS2 21 FW if they offered it. Alas, it is only available RH. Otherwise, my 915 7W will get buried with me.
  11. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    I’m right there with you guys!!! I really enjoy being a lefty. There is a unique feeling to being a lefty. Yes, life at times can be more difficult or frustrating for us in a way that only us southpaws can relate to. However, It’s days like this where it’s hard to be a lefty. Those Black AP2’s are a work of art. Those are the clubs I have been dreaming about for a very long time. Especially since I got my Scotty refinished in black and put the jet black SM7 Vokeys into my bag. I just love the way the black frames the ball. I also love the reduced glare from the sun. I would have been willing to pay top dollar for these. So in a way, I’ve just saved $1500. I’ll put that away for the next iron release later this year. Hopefully, all models will come with an option for a black finish...including for us lefties! Lots of golfers are trending in this direction.
  12. Well said. That finish looks so easy on the eyes. I would have bought them right on the spot price be damned. I'm due for an iron upgrade as i'm still gaming 714 AP2's.
  13. Mike W

    Mike W
    South Riding, VA

    Right there with you. As soon as I saw the email, I was like, "those are nice!" Being a lefty, I knew they wouldn't be available in LH. You're killing me Titleist. Especially, since I was looking at getting new sticks this season.
  14. Steve B

    Steve B
    Centerville, IN

    I am with you guys, I was salivating because I am getting ready to upgrade my 710 AP2s and saw the press release. I was pumped until I scrolled down to RH release only. I might have shed a tear or two!!
  15. As a lefty this is very frustrating! I feel the same way!
  16. Mike W

    Mike W
    South Riding, VA

    Maybe someone from Titleist can weigh in here.
  17. I did receive an email form Titleist and they let me know that their are a VERY limited amount of the LH clubs available. Reach out to your fitter ASAP if you want to try and get them
  18. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The Titleist said:

    I did receive an email form Titleist and they let me know that their are a VERY limited amount of the LH clubs available. Reach out to your fitter ASAP if you want to try and get them

    Was able to jump on it for 6-GW in AMT Red R-300 in Onxy finish - LH. My pro did confirm the order. Will have to see if the dark sapphire wedges will still be an option in April for that fitting - and if they look good together.
  19. While I have all my fellow lefties here, what has your experience been like with fitters? I'm interested in a mixed bag of MBs and CBs but didn't want to be disappointed when they don't have them LH.
  20. I have only been to one fitting "event" 2 years ago. It was right around the time the AP3's were announced and right before the 816 Hybrids were announced. The experience with the Tileist fitters was amazing. Admittedly, they did not have every option available to me during the event, but I found that everything I wanted to try was available. I did not care for the Titleist "Certified" fitters that you will find at Dick's Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy/GolfSmith though. They were not Titleist employees and did not seem nearly as knowledgeable about even the most basic components (ie: how different shaft weights perform, or how to really dial in the adjustments on a driver/fairway metal/hybrid). So I would recommend choosing someone you are very comfortable with, or finding a "Titleist Tuesday" event near you when they start up again.

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