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By Cory W

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  1. Hello all of my TT members! Just looking for some input on combo sets and if anyone has experience with them. I am currently about a 6-7 handicap and I have played blades in the past so I was thinking about getting 3-6 in the 718 CBs and 7-P in the MBs. I have hit both clubs and like the idea of doing so. Just thought I could get some feedback before I do so. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Nick S

    Nick S
    NE Indiana

    I am in a combo set: 4/5 is TMB, 6-8 is AP2, 9-PW is MB. I love the versatility to it. I get the forgiveness from the TMB long irons and the workability with the MB in 9-PW. the latter makes me more comfortable with my wedges as well.

  3. I currently have 716 CB's and I'm looking to pick up 716 MB 8-PW to try them out. Love the feel off them and the narrow top line is classic. Can't seem to pick the MB's up on eBay at the moment :-(
  4. Steve B

    Steve B
    Centerville, IN


    How did you handle the differences in lofts? Did you adjust? If not, any yardage gaps? I am ready to pull the trigger on a mixed set of AP2 and AP3 but am concerned about possible yardage gaps.
  5. AndrewZ

    Lagrange, OH

    I just had a combo set of 718cb/mb’s And they flow together great. Cb’s helped in the longer irons to get them going a little higher and make them a little more forgiving. Also having ap2 irons they’re very close in size to use for a driving iron or longer irons.

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