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By fwright

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  1. i am seriously considering getting fitted for clubs for the first time in my life.i know i met with rep last year at the whistler fairmont golf club last year and living in the mountains i will not be playing until may

    any suggestions-i can contact rep if the same one as last year


    frank wright

  2. NHryn

    Grampian, PA

    If you get fitted in the winter time inside. my only suggestion is remember the basics. Its so easy to forget how you played in the summer and start pulling your head or swing like youve never swung. Other than that I highly recommend fitted clubs takes strokes off your game right away
  3. Fitting is the only way to go for even mildly serious golfers. Not only do most people see an immediate reduction in strokes, but you can have the confidence that the clubs are just right for you, and a good swing will usually equal a good result.

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