983K Comparison?

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By micahw29

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  1. micahw29

    Martinsburg, VA

    I wondered if some of you long-time Teamers could help me?

    I loved my 983K back in the day...which of the more recent drivers would compare most to that model?

    I've been using a 915D2 but wondered if the D3 or even the newer TS series would be closer...

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  2. Still have mine in the garage... along with the 983 E version as well! If it were adjustable and had a different shaft, I would still play it.
  3. I loved the 983K, too! Really the last of the true pear-shaped driver heads. As 460 cc heads became the standard, shapes grew a little rounder. If you like that old traditional look, though, your best bet now would definitely be a D3 model, as they're closer to that 983K shape (than a D2) in any Titleist driver line since, including the new TS's.
  4. In another thread I just listed this as my oldest club in the bag.... no longer. I just picked up the TS3. The 983K is a great club. Might still be in the bag if I didn't really like bright new shiny toys(and 25 extra yards!)

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