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By KCoombs

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  1. I went down and hit some drivers the other day and wanted to try the TS3. I picked one with a white even flow shaft 6.0 projectX 75G and I hit it exceptionally well. I had a couple other drivers with me and noticed it looked like the shaft on the TS3 was shortened by an inch. I am going to have some credit at golf galaxy and would like to know how to get this shaft with my TS3 if I buy it. I am not able to find it at the golf galaxy web site. Can you tell me if this is an extra charge when buying the club and how do I order this shaft if I want to use it on another driver I have?

    Thanks Kenny

  2. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi Kenny, Many fitters have the EF White 75 in a 6.5 flex at 44.5", and others have the EF White 65 6.0 at 45". Standard is 45.5". We would recommend finding out the exact length of the driver that you want and ordering it at that length. Also, find out what weight is in the head and grip so you can specify swingweight if needed. There is no upcharge to order a TS 3 (or 2) driver with a different length or different weight. It is a custom order that will take about 3 business days to build and ship. As far as using it on a different driver - assuming it is an adjustable Titleist driver, all the surefit hosels are compatible.

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