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By JHurst

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  1. What two hybrids would you recommend to carry in your bag. Many thanks John H

  2. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    What I recommend is that you need to find what distances you're missing from your bag. If you're missing a certain yardage or certain shot in your game, you need to find the hybrid that helps you fill that gap! Good Luck, I love my 815!
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Not knowing your full set up and gaps makes it an impossible question to answer. Also adding to the variable is the two versions of Titleist heads (H1 and H2). H1 being a bit larger and lower center of gravity for higher flights and more forgiveness. Great thing is that Titleist has multiple degree options to fill your gaps. I prefer two fairway woods and only one Hybrid. Some players prefer long irons and don't even add a hybrid. Go get a fitting so you can compare and see the gap numbers between your longer irons and fairway wood(s) and build the set that works best for you.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The equivalent of the 2 longest irons you have trouble hitting. In my case, it is 4/5 iron, but younger/stronger players at the amateur level should consider not carrying a combination of 2/3/4 irons.
  5. Tosh.


    I’ve hunted for years trying to find a hybrid (of all brands) that I’m confident with but just recently I’ve bought a 4 iron (ap1 718) and so far it seems to a better fit for me,don’t know if it’s the shorter shaft or the tech in the club but it’s working so my hybrids are in the spare club bag.......that seems to be getting a bit to full according to the Mrs
  6. I carry a H2 19 (2 or 3 iron) and 23 (4 iron). I very seldom hit aa fairway wood.
  7. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Just the one for me, 818h2 19deg 220/240 yards.
  8. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I carry a 21 and a 27. 24 has very little difference vs the 27 for me. It's a personal preference. My fairway setup is 13.5-17. I don't hit a 5 iron very well, so the 27 is a good choice. There are some that will carry a 13.5 fairway and a 17 hybrid. Older folks often carry a 17 and 21 fairway with 24 and 27 hybrids. Steve Stricker uses a 27H.
  9. Just the one hybrid for me 818 H2 @ 17*
  10. It depends on your game and comfort level with using a hybrid vs an iron or fairway wood. I carry a 19 and a 23 degree hybrid.
  11. I carry one fairway wood and one 19 degree hybrid. I recently just traded my 23 degree hybrid in for a T-MB 4 Iron. I grew up playing long irons and I wanted another iron I could hit off the tee on longer par 3’s. I think the T-MB is an awesome blend of iron and hybrid, but that’s just personal preference. Definitely explore all your options.
  12. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    I carry a 19°& 23° 816's I can adjust them down 1° or up 2° to suit my game.
  13. Like a few others, I carry a 19* and a 23* 816 H1. They replaced my 5 wood and 3/4 irons. This also allowed me to add another wedge. I am thinking of adding a 27* to replace my 5 iron as that club has been giving me issues recently. But it's always a good idea to get fit since none of us has exactly the same swing.
  14. I have an H1 21 deg but seem to have more success with a TS2 5 wood and a TMB 4 iron so I am holding the hybrid in reserve

    The H1 is a good club and is adjustable so you can gap your clubs to suit and it will find its way back into the bag when required I am certain!!
  15. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    I also grew up hitting long irons. Have never got comfortable with the hybrids.
  16. A 19 degree, and a 21 or 22 degree
  17. John,

    I carry 3 hybrids. A 21*, 24*, 27* but I don't have a fairway wood in the bag now (although I do have a 917 F2 that I play from time to time).

    Mark F

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