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By Jim M

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  1. I was researching Titleist combo sets online and saw a spreadsheet with the most common sets along with recommended lie adjustments. Is something like this available?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I can't imagine that the information for one person would be of any value. With users here from 17 to 71 and Titleist promoting individual fittings, anything is possible. The number 1 reason is to find something easier to hit than the 2-3-4 (and 5) irons in their basic set. AP1/AP3/T-MB, Hybrids and even a 7W are all personal preference choices. Not to mention matching a shaft from a large inventory to match to your club and swing. Part of the fitting is to also set the lie to your swing. If you can get to a Titleist Thursday or a Premier Fitting pro shop, that person will fit you to what suits your eye and what works best.
  3. thank you Don. I agree with you. I had seen a spreadsheet on a forum that appeared to be produced by Titleist. I was hoping that someone had a copy or that a Titleist Concierge would reply.
  4. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Long time no see.

    This is my bag now. I latched onto the 913F 13.5 after getting used to a 915F 18. Same lie angle and shaft length. The 13.5 is a beast and I sometimes use it instead of the driver (I put the 17 in my bag because I hit my tee shot into the street on the 2nd hole of the North Course at Oaks) . Hard to believe 12 years of not being able to hit a 3 wood. The 27H has always been a staple in my bag (I changed to a 913H at the end of 2017 because it hits better off a tight lie vs the 910). I've actually been using Project X Rifle 5.5 since Torrey last year (ditto with a 6 and 7 iron). I think I had the 42* back when we played. The SM6 50-08 and the MD3 64/8 have been in the bag since 2017. so my wedge lofts are 48-54-58-64 (I had SM5 48, 54M and 60L when we played; did the upgrade to SM6 in the summer). My sand wedge setup has been a science project since 2017 until last year (settled on an SM7 56-08M about midyear; primary club for chipping; found recently it had been at 54* all this time). The 60-12D is a new thing b/c I decided to add a high bounce wedge and heard a lot about D grind; it is perfect with 10* bounce at 58 loft.
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  5. I agree with Don.
    I've got AP2 (PW, 9, 8) AP3 (7, 6, 5) T-MB (3 & 4) plus Vokeys... all fitted
    Trust your Titleist fitter - mine's absolutely brilliant - they are just as enthusiastic and golf-crazy as the rest of us.

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