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By steve s

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  1. Hello everyone;

    I recently purchased a TS3 driver and unscrewed the CG screw to look at the weight in it-however, after i replaced the screw and tried to tighten it, it got off thread and won't go in flush-i have tried several times, but haven't tried to tighten it too much, so i don't mess it up-has anyone else had this issue? Also, when i was looking at the weight, i noticed it can be flipped around, with the DR on one end when looking at it one way, and turning it around, it would be on the other end. Does this make a difference when i move the cap weight and put it back in (ex: want to put the weight in so its weighted for a draw)?

    Thanks in advance for help and advice :)

  2. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi Steve, If the end cap on the CG weight does not screw in all the way and "click", it is not locked in. We would recommend taking it into your pro shop and having them take a look at it. They can call our Warranty department if the cap has been stripped. The CG weighting system differs from the 917 in that we have packaged the neutral weight as well as the draw/fade weight in the same weight. It can be adjusted to a draw or fade by moving the magnetic end of the weight (cap) from one side to the other. The heavy side always goes towards the heel for draw and towards the toe of the club for fade. Neutral is when the weight is balanced. You can see it as the "silver" portions will be more uniform on both ends.

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