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By Blake

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  1. Blake

    Fort Payne

    I was wondering if I could buy a single AP3 3 iron to add to my bag.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Any Titleist dealer can order one for you. If you ordered your set, there will be a serial number that you can use to get the same specifications built into your 3I the same as the rest of your set. Not all box dealers will accommodate, but any pro shop should. If local retailers are difficult, there is a pro shop in Oregon that is also an internet site that is easy to deal with. They ship directly from Titleist to your home but you are responsible to pay your local sales tax.
  3. Michael E

    Michael E
    New York

    Yes you can just go to any Titleist dealer ans you can order one to match whatever set you have. last i checked it should about 120ish...

    LOVE my 3 iron!

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