Where is my Torque Wrench?

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By Matthew P

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  1. Hi All,

    Warning, please take this with a pinch of salt, having a little fun around a small problem.

    I bought the new TS2 Fairway and two 818H1 Hybrids through my local retailer that provides an approved fitting service, however when they arrived there is no torque wrench included that would be required to adjust these adjustable clubs! Interesting.

    Emailed Titleist Customer Service and they replied with this... 'We do not send out the wrench with the fairways or the hybrid as once correctly fitted into your clubs, you should not need to change the settings after purchase.'

    Okay I can see where this logic might apply. However lets discuss a few things around this.

    1. Why sell a club with a main selling point as being adjustable without providing a means to adjust it? I find it interesting that it appears to be provided with fitted drivers, but not other fitted metals.

    2. Why even provide me with the other types of weight cartridges for the Hybrids if I cannot change them?

    3. I know what you are thinking by now. They have answered these questions Matt. You have been fitted for them, you should not need to change the settings! And you would be correct if; - I was a robot that could repeat the same swing every time for the next however many years that I play these clubs. - The environmental conditions I play in are always the same, forbid, there be any wind and I want to be able to adjust the flights of the ball. I know I can control flight with swing etc., but last time I checked, I am an amateur, meaning I need a little help at times. - The fitting service that Titleist obviously approve of would allow me to try all possible SureFit settings. I can provide some math on this if you want, give you a rough idea of how many shots I might have to hit and the time it might take to get fully fitted and test all possibilities. I don't think this is realistically possible in any fitting session. - Finally, am I not supposed to have fun with my new clubs and the added flexibility the adjustable options can provide? I might not ever change it for play but when practicing it would be nice.

    4. My final point. The Titleist warnings on the SureFit Technology at the bottom of this page www.titleist.co.uk/.../surefit ... 'The SureFit wrench must be used to properly and safely adjust the performance of Titleist metals. Club components should be inspected frequently, before and during play, to ensure that all connections are tight... This proprietary system is only compatible with genuine Titleist components and must NOT be used with components from other manufacturers. Failure to adhere to this provision may void the warranty and/or cause damage to the system.'

    It suggests I should ensure the connection is tight for safety purposes, though I cannot ever do so as I don't have a wrench. Not a Titleist wrench anyway... I have one from another company. The only club in my bag that is not Titleist is my driver, you could say it is the Rogue club in my bag. When I got this club I was given a wrench, even though I was fitted by a tour fitter for this brand and therefore with the same logic would not need to change it ever again.

    Fantastic, I will use that in case I want to change anything or stop the club head coming off and hitting my playing partner Jimmy in the head. BUT WAIT! In doing so I will go against the provision of not using genuine Titleist components and may VOID MY WARRANTY! Oh my Scotty Cameron (God). Is this the golfing warranty equivalent to entrapment?

    As you can tell I am having a laugh with this situation, but it does not remove my disappointment in that a brand I trust and invested in, have left me feeling a little sour. Sour enough to think about it this much and actually write about it.


  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You are your own worst enemy. A TS driver comes with the wrench but you had to go rogue.

    Don't take offense - I'm just having some fun in return. And...I have more than 1 wrench. Used to have 3 but one wore out on the tip. From adjusting all those hybrids and fairways I got along with drivers.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    As I found out years ago when I bought my 910 driver, they only come with drivers, not hybrids or fairway metals. I have always purchased thru the same golf shop and with loyalty to those Titleist accounts goes perks. If I ever needed another wrench, I could always get one if they had an extra one laying around. I can see their point of view. Due to lack of knowledge, a lot of people over tighten the weights and adjustments with wrenches. It requires "only" one click and some believe it needs two clicks, which in turn will strip the threads. Pass the pepper please.
  4. Tosh.


    Totally agree Matthew, you should get one with each adjustable club no matter what make or model..........I Have a spare and would happily pass it on if your in the same country as me?
  5. Thank you for the offer, but I replied to Customer Services with the information in this post and they were very quick to ask for my address to send on free of charge.

    Not sure that makes it better or worse that they don’t give one every club that requires it considering the warning.
  6. So seeing the logic on both sides of this discussion I will add my two cents. Yes many of agree that a proper fitting is best when getting new equipment, how then is it fair to the person that just walks in to say a big box store and grabs on of the rack thinking they will be able to go to the range and tweak it on their own? Just "sayin".
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    TUser said:

    So seeing the logic on both sides of this discussion I will add my two cents. Yes many of agree that a proper fitting is best when getting new equipment, how then is it fair to the person that just walks in to say a big box store and grabs on of the rack thinking they will be able to go to the range and tweak it on their own? Just "sayin".

    "With respect", the fault of purchasing off the rack and doing it yourself without proper knowledge. Just saying, in never purchasing from big box unless they do a proper fit (shaft and head, the shaft is what drives the club)....it is a waste of money....I have a friend who does that and buys and buys and buys clubs and spends more than I do on fitted clubs, chasing windmills. Of course in life, we all choose our own poison and he has a garage full of clubs gathering dust.
  8. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    I was a little bit disappointed when my new TS2 driver and ts 3 wood came.
    The 1 tool doesn’t bother me one bit.
    The 917 tool came in a lovely wee Titleist bag, the new TS one in a poly bag lol
    I thought that was a nice touch and the TS one would be the same.
    Not to worry I bought another bag from eBay.
    Post Image
  9. I need a 915 wrench for my clubs in a bad way. Anytime I wanna make an adjustment I have to go get re fitted? If anyone has an old 915 wrench, I’d be willing to put it to good use!

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