913f shaft in 913h?

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By Seth P

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  1. So I realize the 913f head won’t fit on a hybrid shaft, but is it okay to put a hybrid head on a 913f shaft? Obviously the adapter is smaller, so would there be a possibility for movement during a ball strike? Could it damage the adapter?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    As you note, they're not designed to be interchangeable and the risks you mention are possible. Standard shaft length and weights are different between hybrids and fairways. Since hybrids are intended to be used like an iron and fairways share shafts from the driver parts bin, besides risking damaging the head or the shaft, it wouldn't be a good fit for the intended use of the club. I recently investigated the price of used shafts should I try to sell some of mine. Between e-Bay and the GolfWRX auction, there is a fair amount of inventory available starting at $30. That would be cheaper than if the head adapter end was damaged.

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