Is there any way to determine how old my Bullseye is?

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By Copie D

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  1. I have a Bullseye I grabbed off EBay for $40. The stamping on the bottom says:

    STD - 6-S - Designed by John Reuter, Jr. - Acushnet - Made in USA

    It also has the Bullseye putter shape etched in with the Bullseye logo near the toe.

    The grip is a leather wrapped paddle grip with a Bullseye head and a ball on the end cap.

    Does anyone know how old it is?

  2. Tony C

    Tony C
    Warren, RI

    Please upload a picture of the putter. A picture is worth a great answer.
  3. I just purchased a titleist bullseye flange putter and I am trying to see when it was made. Any help would be great
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  4. Have you tried hitting up Scotty Cameron on Instagram?
  5. Pics of the bottom stamping, the leather grip and the logo on the end cap.
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    Post Image
  6. Anybody know why the photos are posted upside down? No idea how to do that if I wanted to.
  7. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    I'm thinking late 70s
  8. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    I purchased a Bullseye, STD-5-S, with those stamping in 1968 or early 1969. You have what to me appears to be the original grip, as well.
  9. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Acushnet/Titleist bought the John Reuters company in 1962- not sure if Titleist was still producing these putters late seventies but I believe your putter was produced then at the latest. I had another model early seventies with the same grip and grip cap and hade a fluted shaft. Here is some other information on the various models produced:

    Original Models:

    STD (Standard) - Medium weight with rounded toe and top.

    OS (Old Standard) - Medium weight with square toe and top blade. Sight line

    O-Set (Offset) - Medium weight with square toe and top blade. Sight line

    OR (Original) - Medium weight, rounded toe, flat top. For right or left handers.

    LB (Light Blade) - Like Old Standard but lighter, narrower

    HB (Heavy Blade) - Like Old Standard but with heavier, wider blade

    LAF (LaFemme) - Light weight for the woman golfer. Rounded toe, top and flange.

    JR (Junior) - Standard blade. 30" shaft. Scaled-down grip dimensions

    FL (Flange) - Medium weight, slightly offset. Single sweet spot sight line

    LHFL (Left Handed Flange) - Medium weight, slightly offset. Single sweet spot sight line

    HSF (Heel Shafted Flange) - Medium-heavy weight. Offset hosel. Sweet spot slot for improved feel and alignment.

    HSF-II - Heel Shafted Flange II Like the Heel Shafted Flange but without the Offset

    WFL (Wide Flange) - Heavy, wide flange for low concentration of weight. Sweet spot slot. Ideal for large or slower greens.

    WFLO (Wide Flange Offset) - Same as Wide Flange but offset

    ML - Mallet
    MLO - Mallet Offset
    MLI - Mallet I

    Length: Grip:
    4 - 34" P- Paddle
    5 - 35" S- Standard
    6 - 36" C- Cord
    "LaFemme" - 34"

    M - Medium
    U - Upright
    F - Flat
  10. Deno

    New Jersey

    Is the shaft fluted? Great putter btw. Still have mine from the 60's.
  11. It is indeed. When I first bought it I assumed it was an early-to-mid-seventies model, but now I’m thinking it could be a decade older than that.
  12. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Taking all above into consideration 1962 - early seventies looks right
  13. I recently wrote a blog post about bullseye putters and I found a way to get a rough estimation as to how old a bullseye putter is.

    Description Of Club Approximate Year
    Putter has the ‘John Reuter Jr Design’ and Bullseye engraved. 1957 – 1960
    Flange Bullseye Model. 1967
    L-shaped Bullseye with the flange herd. 1969
    Putter has “S” and “C” inside the Bullseye engraving. 1969
    Putter has “Designed by John Reuter Jr” or “John Reuter Jr. Made in the USA engraved. 1960 – 1974
    Putter does not have John Reuter Jr’s name. 1975
    Clubhead has ‘Titleist’ and does not have “Acushnet’ engraved. 1978

    This is as much information as I could find and I know it doesn't help everyone but I figured if it could give you an estimation, that would suffice.

    This is the full blog post:
  14. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Good info. I have one, LB M 6 S. 1960-1974. Makes great display putter.and still in good shape. Value is under ten dollars.
  15. I purchased a titleist bullseye flange putter recently and I’m trying to find out how it is
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