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By Nathanael

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  1. Does anyone else have trouble getting their TMB 718 2-3 Iron off the fairway? Off the tee, I can crush the ball but once I try and hit it off the fairway I thin it or hit it off center. I don't know if it's a mental thing or just swinging the club differently but I can not seem to get the same flight from the fairway.

  2. How do you like the T-MB? I am getting ready to buy 2 iron. In the store I was hitting it just as far as a 13.5 3 wood. I struggle with woods and hybrids.
  3. I absolutely love the Iron itself! I can hit my 3 Iron about 250 with a clean solid strike, and the 2 Iron just a tad further. When you have a mishit you feel it, but it isn't near as bad as the MB's. When I am on a tight fairway or a shorter Par 4, I put the driver away and just use those two irons. I would recommend definitely getting one if you want to focus on a nice straight shot off the tee. Like I said after I posted, I must have been having a mental block because last night I played really well off the fairway with it. What Driffle said really helped too, moving that ball slightly back in my stance helped me get it off the ground.
  4. Just wanted to come back and talk about what I found. I went out and played 18 last night, I still hit the ball well off the tee but I also quit thinking about it off the fairway and I had no problems. I must of had a mental block that just limited me but once I quit thinking about thinning it or blading it, I had no problems at all. Just wanted to say thanks for letting me talk about it here!
  5. DRiffle

    Dayton, OH

    I play the ball back just an inch from where I would hit a 3 wood and that helps to get the trajectory I’m looking for.
  6. I did exactly that, and it helped! It came off the fairway just like I was on the tee box! I appreciate the advice and hope to keep it up! Hope your game is treating you well!
  7. I have a bit of a fade with my 3 iron which I don't have with my AP2's
    I will be pilot error in my case I am certain
  8. GeoffDenton said:

    I have a bit of a fade with my 3 iron which I don't have with my AP2's
    I will be pilot error in my case I am certain

    I can attest to that too, I do not fade my AP3's but I do put a slight fade on my T-MB as well. It's interesting because I have the same shaft in both clubs, I don't hate that I put a fade on it, just intriguing!


    I love my TMB 2 iron, it did take a couple driving range sessions to dial it in but it has replaced my 3 wood in the bag for good now. Fairway hits were the last to come along for me as well, all mental for me. Mis-hits (they happen! ) are usually slightly thin or fat which result in straight shots still, just 25% less distance or so. 3 wood mis-hits were never straight....
  10. I completely agree mishits or thinned shots still go straight, just a little less distance but the club itself is great! I am glad I'm not the only one who picked up fairway shots last. Now that I have hit it better off the fairway, I love the club even more. It's always nice to know you can turn to one club in your bag for that one shot you can rely on!
  11. I have the T-MB 716 3 Iron and it has quickly become one of my favorite clubs haven’t tried the 718 yet but have though about getting the 2 iron in the 718
  12. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    I can’t speak for 2 and 3 irons but I’ve got T-MB 4 and 5 irons and I’m hitting bombs with them off tees and fairways. Love them!

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