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By jshreve

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  1. Hey everyone. I just got a like new set of AP@ 716 from a friend who bought new irons. Love them however there is no 4/5 iron as he had hybrids for those clubs. I really dont like the hybrids and am looking for some good used irons instead. Anyone have any to sell reasonable. thanks

  2. Take a look at 2nd Swing. They will have individual clubs for sale. I went with the TMB for my 4 iron and I'm thinking of going with it for my 5 iron as well. Easy to hit and makes for a good blended set.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist frowns on sales on the forum Many of us are custom fit, so we don't buy sets that start at 3/4 irons. EBay would be a good place, as that's where the 3/4 irons many of the stock iron sets end up. A 5 iron may be harder to find.
    Some of the online golf retailers that also transact on eBay may have used single irons on their own websites. GolfWRX I think has a barter/trade site as well.

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