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  1. Would like to know a popular model MB 2016 and older. Looks and playability priority concidered!

  2. I've played everythning from ZM - 716. I've only hit the 718 on the range. Ultimately they've all felt, looked, played pretty much the same for me. If you're looking to purchase a used set, I'd just find the one that's in the best shape.
  3. I currently play the 690mb and like them but are showing ware. I have found a set of 710 in great shape. Also like the looks of the 716. So do you think there is not that much difference between those three?
  4. I haven’t hit the 690s but I just don’t see much difference in performance of all the ones I’ve played.
  5. Good advice
  6. Used 690.mb until recently- great irons and lovely set up- old now so hard to get but if you can they are definitely worth a try
  7. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    I still use 714MB. No plans on changing anytime soon
  8. JAM


    Will the PGA Tour players be testing the 720 MB's this month?

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