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  1. Waiting anxiously. I understand and intend to have a fitting. I have never been a fan of the increasing sizes of drivers. Although I currently use the TS3 and hit it well, I hit my 13.5 deg TS2 fairway nearly as far and more consistently straight. The smaller head of the new TS4 seems like it might be a better fit for me than the TS3. I know it is not 3 wood size but the look of the smaller head might be a good result. Any comments however theoretical would be welcome.

  2. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    Oh man, I haven't looked forward to a driver release this bad since the 905R. I simply can't wait for this to come out onthe 27th.
  3. Same here! Eager to swing it and hopefully put it in the bag!
  4. Adding to my previous post, the TS4 sole weight positioned to the toe side should reduce the face closing and help reduce the left shots which are my biggest misses.
  5. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    I am looking forward to seeing the TS4. I think the smaller head will be more traditional looking, I prefer a pear shape.
  6. I have a fitting scheduled this Saturday, but may postpone it until they can get the TS4 in, as it has also caught my eye. I know I produce a lot of spin with my drives, so the low spin nature of the TS4, plus the smaller head size really appeal to me. My only concern is that I’m lefty and they aren’t releasing the 8.5* TS4 to the general public, only tour players. Anyone on here know if that would negate the low spin effects then vs a lower lofted 8.5* TS3? (For example, the 8.5* TS3 would produce the same low spin result potentially as the 9.5* TS4?)

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