718 AP2's w/ AMT Black Shaft

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By Brooks1855

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  1. Anyone gaming this setup? Wondering what kind of swing weight, ball flight, etc. this combo produces. I used to play the AMT shaft that came in the 716's, but those are a little too heavy for me now.

  2. Brooks, as others will say.... go to a fitting. During my fitting (I was fit for the AP2's) I tried a lot of the shafts and once he figured out my swing it was much easier to narrow down the best for me.

    I started with the ATM Black and was launching the 7i at about 25 degrees. It launched way high for me. We moved around, up and down and found that the KBT Tour 120 was best. I didn't try any of the up-charge shafts, but I would have liked to try the C-Taper as it's the same weight as the Tour and is "supposed" to launch it lower. But I'm extremely happy with my setup.
  3. Thanks for the reply, and glad to hear you found something you're happy with. I have a fitting scheduled for later this month. The idea of the AMT sounds great to me on paper, but I'm sure I'll walk away from the fitting with something completely different than what I am expecting.

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