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By Austin B

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  1. Hey guys. I’m new to the forums so a little about myself.. I’m roughly a 10 handicap at the moment but used to be 1-2 before I stopped playing for a couple years and recently got back into it. At the start of the season I had a 913D2 driver with Diamana Blue Stiff shaft, which I was previously fitted into. I liked it a lot but was ready for something new. I found that they had the 917D2 on sale for $300 at a local sporting Goods store and I figured I might as well go for it, especially considering the shaft was the same shaft from my 913 & after being put on a launch monitor the back spin, launch angle & swing speed ratio was pretty spot on what’s recommended for my club head speed. I was happy with my purchase but while I was up there I decided I’d hit 5-6 balls with the TS2 with no intentions to purchase it assuming there wouldn’t be much of a difference. I was wrong. I was carrying the TS2 roughly 13 yards further on average with about 5 mph extra club head speed. I was carrying the ball 266 with 106 mph club head speed which is further than I’ve ever hit a driver in a simulator. I still have the opportunity to return my 917 and spend the extra money to get the TS2 or TS3 (which I have not demoed yet). I’m curious what you all think. I know I would have much more options in the TS series as far as finding the right shaft, loft & club head for me with the TS series which would make me feel better. Obviously having the latest and greatest thing is exciting but I’m not willing to buy something just because it’s brand new if it doesn’t actually help my game... which as stated above it seems it would. Just trying to decide if that 13 yards is worth $200 or not.

    Thanks guys!

  2. I got fitted for a TS3 with a Hazard smoke shaft, hit it well at the range averaging 240 yds carry at 96mph swing speed, took it onto the course and Im all over the place with it and I mean ALL over the place, so to ensure it wasn't me I took my Cobra F9 out for a walk and never missed a fairway, took the TS3 back and explained my situation, American golf Stirling were not interested at all, so now Im stuck with a bat that Ive no confidence in and out of pocket to the tune of £430 not a happy camper, not in the same class as my old 915 Im afraid,

  3. Will you realize the thirteen extra yards EVERY TIME you hit the driver? Meaning no disrespect to your ten handicap, there will be mis-hits whereby the TS gains you only a few yards over the 917. In those instances, the extra cost (in my mind) is not justified. Spend the money on short game lessons which will easily make up for a driver mis-hit that requires you to take one more club for the next shot.

    I love newer technology just like any other golfer, but despite being a lifetime Titleist (have never played any other brand) loyalist, I objectively evaluate club purchases and am not influenced by the marketing juggernaut that gets into a golfer’s psyche.

    I have owned and played 907, 910, 913, 915, 917 but am keeping 915, which I have tested against the TS that offers me only five yards increase if I hit it perfect every time. I can make up five yards with the right club selection into the green and if I miss, my short game usually saves me.
  4. I would think its worth it. But would definitely want to get fit outside on trackman for it.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If you can find a Titleist Thursday go through a full fitting to make sure. Pay attention to off center hits as well as dispersion. I prefer outdoors as well to compare flight. 10 yards more consistently and in a better place can change your score.

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