Upgrade my 714 AP2’s.. yes or no?

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By Austin B

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  1. Hey guys,

    I’ve been looking around at new clubs. I’m currently using the 714 AP2’s and absolutely love them. I’m very Titleist biased (when I say biased I mean, I won’t even consider another brand :D) and with how much I like my current AP2’s I would more than likely stay with them. I’m curious what people think as far as the way they have changed in the last few models. I’ve hit the 718’s and they seem to have a slightly thinner top line which I like, but haven’t yet compared mine up against the new ones to get an idea for whether I feel I’m more accurate with them or anything like that. I’m just curious what you all have noticed that has changed. Any recommendations or suggestions are more than welcome.


  2. jonathan s

    jonathan s
    Indianapolis, IN

    Interested in this - I'm in the same boat. 714 ap2 w/ x100 and wont consider another brand/shaft. I've looked at CB or an MB/CB combo but I love the current set up so much. One reason I haven't moved is the loft difference between the ap2 set and those I've mentioned. I know exactly how far each club goes and changing lofts terrifies me. Definitely browned out my current set and will need something new but I just keep holding out.
  3. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    As with Titleist, the don't "throw the baby out with the bath water." Meaning, there are incremental changes made to each edition. But I will say that the new clubs coming out (T100, T200, etc) are worth checking out. If you are an AP2 guy, the T100 just might fit the bill.



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