ap3 gapping

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By tim y

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  1. just ordered a set , what are some of you guys gapping your short irons, 43pw then what

  2. You need to try some wedge's and see what gapping suits you're game. The ap1 & 3's are strong lofted so gapping is made more difficult.

    I have the ap1's 5-pw and I only carry 54 and 60 wedge's. I find the pw is magic at most stuff. Bunker shots and stuff around the green is covered by the wedge's.

    Happy gapping
  3. looks like if I make the 9 iron 1 weaker and pw 2 weaker they are good to go
  4. I use a 48 for GW, a 54 (bent to 53) for SW and 58 for LW. So far haven't had any issues with gaps.
  5. Ya you need to go get fit and figure out your gapping. I have AP3 4-9, P(43) and G(48) then I gapped my wedged 52, 56, 60.

    My brother went and got a different result. So go find a rep to give you an answer.

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