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By Michael A

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  1. Michael A

    Michael A
    PrairieView Golf Course

    I apologize if a similar thread like this already exists, but I have a question about different styles of irons and what they are designed to do. I recently purchased a combo set of 718 cb’s and mb’s. I played AP2’s prior. When listening to a podcast by MyGolfSpy, they stated that why would anyone play a set of blade irons when so much technology exists to aid in forgiveness/distance on mishits. Now I totally understand this way of thinking, but I am wondering if my thoughts were shared by others. I feel like I can get more feedback from a mishit with a “blade” than a more forgiving iron. With that being said, I also feel as though I can work on things to be a better ball striker and hit the center of the face using this feedback. I don’t want to rely on a forgiving club to “bail me out” of bad contact. Not that it matters, but I play at a 4 and hit the ball pretty well, so I am not using these clubs to learn the game by any means. Any thoughts?

  2. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    The feeling of pure'ing a blade is one of the greatest joys of golf. I'm not talented enough to do it for 18 holes so I don't game them, but I absolutely love hitting them.
  3. I have played blades, players, and game improvement. There is significant differences in club/player wants and performance. I used game improvement irons to learn the game, but the inconsistent distance was a huge problem. I play the player iron now for the feel and workability-love the feedback while I work on my swing. Blades were the best irons I have ever played, I was able to enjoy the feel and performance until my strikes left the quarter size hot spot. Every club series has there audience and there is no truth to matching handicap to club series. Several media outlets like to push their bias, but this community has the best information and help for game improvement.
  4. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    You are in the small minority of golfers who are single digit handicappers and can handle blades. That said, even tour pros that play Titleist irons have a couple of AP2's in the bag especially in the long irons. I'm sure that MyGolfSpy is referring to the majority of us that need the technology weather we like to admit it or not. Blades look nice and feel great when you hit them pure, but as Gary Player once said " If you're not using today's technology then you're at a disadvantage against the field before you even get to the 1st tee ".
  5. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    I agree 100% and don't like overly forgiving clubs for this reason and also because they just don't feel as nice.

    I've always been a Titleist guy because of the feeling I get at impact. It's my drug.
  6. Michael A

    Michael A
    PrairieView Golf Course

    Thank you for the feedback. I know I may not necessarily be taking advantage of the “perfect club” for me, but I’m so excited to game my new sticks! Hit ‘em straight guys!
  7. As a single digit and a member of the "over 50 set", i grew up playing blades.I still have a modified blade/players club in the bag. (At one time I carried a 1 and 2 iron, but those are long gone, replaced by hybrids). As some of TT members in this forum have shared, there really is no describing the feeling when you "pure" an iron, and you'll know that with a blade immediately.
  8. I gave up trying to play blades. They're way beyond my ability.

    I'm just having too much fun hitting the 718 AP1's.

    I'm still getting used to the distance changes.

    I wouldn't knock anyone gaming blades when I hit them on the money just felt amazing but like someone said I can't do it for 18 holes.

  9. I’m old fashioned and will play what I think looks best. Also for some reason I hit blades better. And I don’t like the idea of a combo bag. But that’s just me.

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