Seriously tempted by AP3's

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By Matt C

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  1. Currently using TM MB/MC irons probably 8 years old. H/c 7 Just had a fitting with Titlist rep and the AP3's shocked me how good they are compared to my own set. Feel and distance are phenomenal. What's people's options about mixing the AP3 and AP2? Or going full AP3? Thinking 3 to PW AP3 (love the long irons) And how are the black finished clubs to keep clean and fresh looking?

  2. Paul S

    Paul S
    Fayetteville, AR

    AP3 might be the best iron Titleist ever made for 0-10 handicappers who are "regular" people who don't play golf more than twice a week or hit hundreds of balls.

    Get scratch performance with real person swings and practice times.

    LOVE mine.
  3. Gsoup


    Like most of us, I like buying the latest and greatest. I can't seem to let go of my AP's.They do everything I ask of them.
  4. Harry L

    Harry L

    I am a mid handicapper an play AP2 irons because of the soft forged feel that I miss on the AP3.
  5. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    Great irons for the person looking for a forgiving iron with more of the players look. I have had mine for a while and love them.
  6. I ordered a set of AP3's that should arrive any day now, can't wait until they get here. Hopefully today is the day and i can use them tomorrow.
  7. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Love both my AP2s and my AP3s, played together in a combo set. There is a bit of a gapping issue, due to the hotter lofts of the AP3s, but once you get it figured out, as I have, you will have a hard time picking which of the two models you like more.

    I have had AP2s since they were introduced in 2010 (actually late 2009), presently playing AP2716s. I love the blade size on the AP2 from PW to 5i. However, the AP3 blade size is barely larger and almost impossible to see any difference at address compared to the AP2, if not for the slightly longer blade length. Top lines look nearly the same at address. The only thing I wish is that the AP3s were forged. However, in all honesty, when you hit the center with a great swing, they feel fantastic. And when you miss the center by a touch, they may not feel quite as good but the distance loss is minimal compared to missing that same distance off center with the AP2. If you're trying to decide which set is better for you, my opinion is get fit, but whatever the outcome, you really can't go wrong with either model, or a combo set.

    I'm ready to move onto the T100/T200 irons. Once I get a chance to get them in my hands to demo, they are going to have to be especially good for me to give up my AP2s and AP3s. I don't NEED the new T100/T200 irons, I am just due for new ones. But, I could be happy playing my APs for another couple seasons if I'm not blown away by the new ones. The APs are THAT good.

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