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By Eric L

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  1. Eric L

    Eric L
    Franklin, MA

    Is there a site that gets you the most for clubs? I'm looking to unload on all my old clubs and would love to get the most for all of them. I'm even including a brand new wedge I used once and would prefer to get as much as I can for it...any suggestions?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Tons. 3Balls (a.k.a.PGA Resale) 2nd Swing, Dallas Golf, Global Golf are some I’ve used in the past. Local golf shops may as well.
  3. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    Take a look at what Don O. posted up above. 3 balls (part of Global golf now I believe too) came up with the PGA resale guide working with the PGA of America. Since you're in Medway, also take a look or better yet a drive down to Joe & Leighs golf at Pine Oaks Golf Course down in Easton. They were the brains behind 3 Balls and put the whole thing together. There they could actually look at what you've got so they wouldn't be taking as big a chance.
    By the way when Jim Furyck won the Tour Championship and FedEx cup in 2010, he did it with a putter he got out of the discount bin at Joe and Leigh's while at the Deutsche Bank Championship
  4. Eric L

    Eric L
    Franklin, MA

    I had not idea about Furyck going there, thats crazy! I've been there a few times and I brought the wedge there and they offered me $30 for it. Usually they're good with the trade in value but this club in particular is a special edition wedge worth around $150 and I used it for 9 holes and couldn't use it any longer (wasn't a vokey wedge). I'll just try to sell it myself.
  5. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    You will be surprised how much golf club values drop once new clubs are used. It's as bad as driving a new car off the dealers lot and trying to sell it a short time later.
  6. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Trading in clubs, or selling them outright, to any retailer specializing in used clubs will disappoint you. You can go online and find the PGA Trade-In guide to see what most retailers will offer you. It's a lot more work, but you may be better off trying to sell them outright to individuals.
  7. Manny A

    Manny A
    Staten Island, NY

    For those clubs that may have no or small monetary value, donating to a local veteran’s organization, local first tee or high school will help advance the game and bring value to others. Gives you a great feeling too....
  8. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Trade in values will never satisfy you if you're looking for cash and want"the most" out of them. Its like college book resales LOL! Anyway, you should look into golf wrx. They have forums and classifieds. A lot of people selling all types of new and used equipment, clothing, shoes, whatever! You would have to check the rules on how early a member can post items for sale, but if your equipment is any good, especilay the new wedge, you'll sell it for sure! Best part is you dont have to pay any %'s or fees like eBay. Check it out man,
  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC is the blue book for golf clubs. It will give you a trade in and resale value of most clubs. It is a fair value price. The trade in is normally half the estimated resale value of the club, based on the condition of the club; low, medium, high. I would recommend trying to sell them yourself. If your club were fitted they could be an issue. This is a issue that I will be facing soon. I am 73 and still play stiff irons and most guys my age play regular irons. I will have to work a little hard to sell them, being they are plus one half inch and two degrees flat.
  11. Rooster

    West Wareham, MA

    Those trade in sites really low ball the price they offer. I have had good luck on "offer up" and "letgo". Real easy to do. Take a picture, add price, and post. Once buyer makes offer arrange where to meet and finalize deal. I always make sure it is a public place. Usually a parking lot of a busy store. I have never had a issue.
  12. I've sold a few of my clubs on Facebook Marketplace. No fees. Good luck

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