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By Matt P

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  1. Hoping someone can tell me what type of grooves my irons have. 710 mb’s, as I am about to sharpen the grooves with newly purchased sharpener.

  2. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    I believe the 710's came out in 2009, so they probably have the legal 2010 rules compatible grooves. I wouldn't try to sharpen them though. You scrap them up too much and get through the finish and they'll rust up. I like my wedges to rust up, and buy the raw or close to raw finishes, but wouldn't want the faces of all my chrome irons rusting up. Be careful
  3. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Sharpening your groves will make them non conforming.

    Dr. K
  4. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Kind of did it backwards. You should have asked the question before buying the sharpener as Golfworks sells different sharpeners according to your particular clubs. They would be happy to assist you with your questions. 1-800-848-8358.

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