TS Hybrids vs. U·Series Utilities

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By Allan B., Titleist Staff

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  1. There's now been plenty of time for golfers to test out TS2/TS3 hybrids and U500/U510 utilities. For those who have hit both, we'd love to hear your thoughts on performance and if you'll be adding any to your bag. 

    I've hit both and am having trouble deciding between a TS2 19° hybrid and U500 3-iron. The former is ideal for sticking greens on par 5s and the latter is more comfortable at address with me being an OK long-iron player. I've stayed away from hybrids in the past with the big left miss but I'm not noticing that tendency with the TS2. If I could get comfortable with a hybrid off the tee, it could be a lethal addition to the bag. One hook on the course though and it might scare me into the U500. 

    Would appreciate everyones thoughts and experiences!

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  2. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Allan how about one of each?
    You can rotate from hybrid to iron depending on course type.

    Also the guys in R&D at Titleist try really hard to create hybrids that won't hook too much...

    Dr. K
  3. I'll probably do just that down the road. Also, I wouldn't even consider a hybrid but I haven't noticed a left bias at all with the TS2. All that being said, I can figure out how to hook my 58° on occasion so it's bound to happen sooner or later with the hybrid. I know it's not its fault.
  4. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    Hoping to hit both very soon. My pro has a U500 he said I could try, and after doing so well with a TS2 driver and TS2 3 wood, I'm pretty sure I'd like the hybrid too. That being said I too was never a big fan of hybrids. Never thought you could get out of trouble as well with a hybrid, when you have to keep it low or make a big cut out of the rough. That changed with my last one, 816 hybrid that has done me well off the fairway and off the tee. Always preferedWe'll see how it works out and then move into a fitting I hope.
  5. So I jumped right in and got a U510 1 Iron. My home course has 36 holes and the one 18 is TIGHT. I have to say, the 1 Iron is not super hard to hit off the tee and is prefect for my yardage off the tee/into the green. I am still learning off the deck and have a tendency to go left.

    I also purchased a TS 3 21 degree hybrid to replace my 3 iron. This is a FANTASTIC club. I have a lot of 210 yard par 3s on my course/460 yard par 4s. The flight is fantastic and holds greens from 200 yards+ out.

    Overall, extremely happy with BOTH but if you forced me to choose one right now, I would go TS 3 hybrid.

    Both look, sound and feel amazing.
  6. P.S. 17th hole on home course is 210 uphill par 3. Was in a match with my usual 4some and stuck the 21 degree TS 3 to 10 feet, made birdie and won the match for my partner and I.

    I'm giving 90% of the credit to the new club :)
  7. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Alan I'm a big fan of rotating a club in and out, letting course length,your confidence level,and perhaps even weather dictate which you choose.If you're playing a course where the rough is long and gnarly,you might choose the hybrid;or if you're playing a course that's fairly wide open which means lots of wind, the utility iron might be the way to go, assuming you have a lower ball flight with the utility iron.

    Back in the day when I carried a 1 iron (long before hybrids) if I knew I was playing a course with high rough and forced carries, I'd reluctantly take it out and put a 4 wood in the bag.

    In the end, it'll come down to your confidence level, and how you're striking each club at the time.
  8. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Allan, this is a great point of discussion. From my experience hitting both over the last month or so, I have come to the conclusion that the U500/U510 are excellent low flight long irons, maybe for hitting off tees or when a low trajectory shot is needed such as in wind or down hills etc...

    The TS2/TS3 are just the opposite, they have a higher flight so they can land the ball softly on greens vs long irons and/or can provide a more forgiving shot from a more challenging lie such as in rough.

    Both are excellent and I have both a U510 and TS2 and TS3 hybrid but they all will put in my bag depending on the course and/or conditions that I am facing as I travel from state to state or country to country.

    Cheers! Chris
  9. Last few years i have been playing with long irons because i had little issue with hooks when playing hybrids..

    I fitted new irons to myself last week and i also tried new TS hybrid and WOW!!

    I was 120% sure that i go with new U-series but after 30min session with new TS i notice that this is something different against my old 818H2. I couldnt shot hooks at all and all shoots was very good even if you push little bit too much.

    So i try to go now with hybrid and hopefully it was correct choice...

    Br, maybe ex-hybrid hater :D

  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I'm not a typical driving iron candidate, and at the TT Invitational they only had a U-510 1 iron for those of us that hit from the right side of the ball. Even with that, it was easy to hit from the turf or off of a tee. I will have to add the 20/23 U-500 to the list when I recheck my distance gaps from irons to a 5W in the spring. The TS-2 hybrids were also easier for me to hit than the prior editions in the 19 and 21 degree lofts. One of these could be the replacement for the NLA 21 degree (915) fairway for LH golfers.
  11. Craig C

    Craig C
    Carmel, IN

    I just went through a fitting. I settled on the t200 through the 5 iron which left us looking for a 4 iron replacement for gapping. I prefer the look of the Iron Hybrids (u series) but I was not hitting the ball high enough with them. We then went to the hybrids and I was absolutely killing the ball. One slight problem...I was only carrying it about 5 yards farther than the 5 iron. My fitter then hands me a 21 degree fairway metal (think 7 wood) and BAM...I was hitting that 10-15 yards farther and higher in the air so that is what we ended up settling on. a good fitting with a well versed fitter makes all the difference. Loved the looks of all of them and ended up going with what performed best. I will say the Titleist hybrid is the best one I have ever hit. Flew straight as well as I tend to heavily draw hybrids.
  12. I did a fitting with the thoughts of leaning toward the U510 because I’ve never hit hybrids well ever. But after hitting the TS2 hybrid I was sold. I just got it in time for my trip to Kohler this week and couldn’t be happier with it. Easiest hybrid I have ever hit. I bought the TS2 19* hybrid FYI.
  13. Jason R

    Jason R
    Tomball, TX

    TS2 hybrids all the way for me! I need the forgiveness and shot height that the hybrids provide. Certainly the Utilities look pretty but they aren’t for me.
  14. Billy L

    Billy L
    Rockville Centre, NY

    The U500 flies a lot higher then the previous driving irons. If you get a good fitting the landing angle is not as different between the the two, the new shafts give you a lot more launch
  15. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    Once I go through my fittings I'll know which will serve me best. Currently I have a 19° & 23° hybrid and 5 Iron. If the TS2's perform better than the U Series I'll go with those.
  16. I did fitting two weeks ago and ended up with T100 5-PW. My plan was to try the U500 and 510 as a 4-iron replacement. Unfortunatly I didn’t get the ball flight I wanted with the U500. The U510 was good and very easy to hit but I didn’t like the looks when adressing the ball. We then moved over to the hybrids and I killed it with the TS3 23degree. Ended up ordering the TS3 hybrid along with the T100 irons. I have not been a fan of hybrids in the past but the TS3 was simply amazing!
  17. Kev2177

    england, 0

    Hit the U500 and ordered it in the 2 iron and 4 iron this will complete my 5-9 in the T100.

    Still have the 818 H1 in 19&21 for back up.
  18. The U510 1 iron is pulling ahead. Easier to hit from the tee than I would have ever thought. Love the sound too. Was on the range and some said “what is making that sound”? I said don’t look at, just hit it. Guy hit a laser about 225. He looked and said “I’m getting one of these”. I said, bet you never thought you could hit a 1 iron. The guy couldn’t believe it. Loving my new Titleist clubs.
  19. Lucas McLaughlin

    Lucas McLaughlin
    Winston Salem NC

    I am just now wanting to switch to a TS2 19* from a miz FliHi 2 iron. I have stayed away from hybrids in the past as well because of hooks. Most hybrids tend to be more upright and therefore have that left tendency. I recently decided to go to a Titleist Thursday near me and get fitted, hopefully I can find a fit with the TS2 that doesn't hook, since that is my miss anyways and I generally play a fade. Hearing the TS2 has less of a hook tendency is music to my ears though.

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