Are my clubs real?

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By FAnderson

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  1. I recently purchased a second hand set of 718 AP1 irons (June) and had a lesson yesterday. The Pro was studying my irons with much interest and I asked him if he thought there was a problem with them. He said he wasn't sure as there is a dull finish on them where it apparently should be shiny, also the AMT red shaft stickers should be one sticker where mine has 3 smaller ones. Can anyone shed a bit of light as I bought these from a 'Reputable dealer's in the UK.

  2. You need to check the serial number near the head of the iron. Then, submit the serial number to Titleist and have them verify authenticity.
  3. Chris M

    Chris M

    you can check it with the serial number, where Titleist can varify them for you

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