New Irons, Utilities, Hybrids - Who's Tried Them?

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By Brice Waddell

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  1. Brice Waddell

    Brice Waddell
    Vista, CA

    It's been about a month since fittings began for the new TS Hybrids, U-Series Utility Irons, and T-Series and 620 Irons, and one week since all of the new Titleist golf clubs arrived in shops. Which got the team here at Titleist wondering - who's been out to give them a try?

    Reply to this thread and let us know what you think of the new lineup - favorites, successes, surprises, what you were fit into, and any other feedback you'd like to share.

    And if you haven't been out to try them yet - get out there this weekend and report back soon!

    We're excited about the new clubs and looking forward to hearing what you all think about them. Thanks in advance for sharing your stories.

  2. the ts hybrids are great, straight, high, great sound, the utility irons felt hollow to me, might have been the whippy shaft, didn't hit the irons
  3. I was fitted about a month ago for T100s and ordered last Friday and received them on Tuesday. Been to the range a few times and they feel great.
  4. Just got my new t200 irons fitted at true spec. Been playing fantastic and are really gorgeous clubs that look so good you just feel way more confident. Of course definitely helps to have that forgiveness.
  5. I was fitted for the T200's. Hit them well and they sounded great. The looks was a different story, I thought the AP 3's looked alot better. T200's looked unfinished. Other than that they were great.
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Got fitted for the new T300s and absolutely love them. Good numbers, distance and flight. Went from stiff to regular shafts this time. Guess at 73 time for a change. Less effort. Due to Hurricane Dorian they arrived five days late but will game them on Monday. Love the look and the feel of the clubs. Got the AMT Red R300 shafts 107g - 95g 5-53w..... The 5,6,7 irons look a little different but the rest of the set look normal......and a new putter cover I picked for out of town travels.....yes, there is a SC Newport 2 Notchback under there......time to get all dialed in with new distances..... =)
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  7. Schultzie

    Fairfax, VA

    Have a session set at club champion to get a new set look forward to trying both the new hybrids and irons
  8. Just played my first round with my new T300 irons and I love them.

    When I went to get fitted at Club Champion , I honestly wasn’t thinking about game improvement irons. We went through several different brands and styles of irons but kept coming back to the Titleist.

    They look great at address (not like a chunky game improvement club) and I love the sound and feel as the ball comes off the club face.

    The extra forgiveness hasn’t cost me any distance either. With the custom shafts and new clubs, I’m actually about 10yards longer for the same loft angle.

    Overall very happy with the clubs!
  9. Absolutely amazing irons. Great sound and felt amazing.
  10. Just received my T200 irons and T2 19° hybrid. I had them remove the AP3 heads from my Aerotech steelfibrr i95 shafts and replace them with the T 200 heads. I spent an hour on the range with the new setup and frankly, didn’t see much difference in feel or distance. The feel was great with my AP’s and equally great with the T200’s. My club fitter thought it was a reasonable thing to do (keeping the Aerotech shafts), any thoughts?
  11. Once I adjusted the T 2 hybrid to match my specs ((2° upright, draw bias) I loved it!
  12. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Waiting for demo days to begin here at the club. Not a fan of going off course and hitting off a mat and into a net.
  13. How can I get a deal on AP2 irons now that their replacements are out. Played them in Scotland as a rental set in June, but I’m not paying $1200 +/- for them.
  14. michael b

    michael b
    penn valley, CA

    I am a 100% Titleist guy. I am turning 70 very soon but still maintaining a seven handicap with a 917 driver and AP1 718 graphite irons. I am definitely loosing a little distance. Will a new TS driver and a set of T300 irons improve my game at my age?
  15. Todd O

    Todd O
    Colleyville, TX

    I’m 65 and have lost some distance too. I have been playing AP2 irons and a 910 D3 driver. Just got fitted for a TS1 driver with Mitsubishi Fubuki MV 45 (Stiff) and T300 irons (5-W) with Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Red AMC (Regular). Fitting showed I picked up about 15-20 yards with driver and irons. I went into the fitting leaning toward the TS3 driver and T200 irons but very happy to have hit the TS1 driver and T300 irons - I settled in those as they provided best performance for me and they felt/looked/sounded great. Good luck.
  16. I attended a local Titleist fitting event for the new T series, and wasn't completely satisfied with the experience or recommendation. Maybe it had to do with the fact that the event was overbooked and everything felt a little rushed. The fitter was a good guy, but it seemed he reached conclusions pretty quick. I'm not making that kind of investment when I'm uncertain.

    So my search for new irons will continue. At the end of the session I did have a chance to hit the U510 and was very impressed. I can see that being in my bag in the near future.
  17. Todd O

    Todd O
    Colleyville, TX

    I had two separate fitting sessions myself. Second session was definitely most helpful in deciding on a new driver (TS1) and irons (T300). Good luck.
  18. Absolutely amazing irons. Great sound and felt amazing. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to try T-200 irons
  19. gary d

    gary d
    grennwood, IN

    Yeah had fitting by John Del Santo a couple weeks ago. Fitted me into t300 irons with graphite shafts . They felt Great better shot dispersion and little longer. Also fitted me into ts2 hybrid , and ts 1 driver which gained me 14 more yards. I'm planning on buying just have to get rid of my other equipment first.

  20. Rob V

    Rob V
    Vancouver, WA

    I went through a fitting and as a result have just ordered a set of T-200 irons (5-PW). Beautiful irons. I am anxious to receive them and put them into play.
  21. U-500 2 iron felt amazing on the course and giving true, consistent ball flight
  22. Ordered 5678 T300, 9 PW T200. Project xPi 5.5. Never liked the 89 and PW in my 714 716 or 718 Ap1. Always blended with the Ap2. Hope I didn’t make a mistake because I wasn’t a fan of the Ap3. Went this way for better distance gapping.
    My 4Iron is a U510.

    My TS2 has been a disappointment. Tried three different shafts and still hit my 713 and 715 better and farther.

    I’m older now so it might not be the club. 90mph swing with a 220 carry. Should I get the TS1? Wasn’t out yet when I got the 2.

    Your thought are appreciated. Chris
  23. Todd O

    Todd O
    Colleyville, TX

    Chris - I’ve been playing a 910D3 driver and just got fitted for a TS1 with Mitsubishi Fubuki MV 45 (Stiff). I had gone into the fitting leaning toward a TS3 but happily settled in the TS1. My SS was a bit faster with TS1 and distance notably better (20 yards) than my 910D3 after fitting for the TS1.
  24. Todd O

    Todd O
    Colleyville, TX

    Chris - I’ve been playing a 910D3 driver and just got fitted for a TS1 with Mitsubishi Fubuki MV 45 (Stiff). I had gone into the fitting leaning toward a TS3 but happily settled on the TS1. My SS was a bit faster with TS1 and distance notably better (20 yards) than my 910D3 after fitting for the TS1.
  25. I just picked my irons up from golf tech yesterday after being custom built. I got the T300. Still need to get used to them but when that club strikes the ball it’s a feeling a have never felt before the ball takes off! It feels so soft and natural! I gained at least 15yds.
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  26. I’ve been playing cally Rougue X. I’m gonna be 65 and carry a 13 index. Did a Titleist fitting and was impressed by the improved numbers on T300 7 iron (gained almost a full club distance) And he recommended a TS1 driver (9 yard gain).have to give cally a chance to compare their new stuff but a change to Titleist may be coming.
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