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By Tim S

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  1. Ok, so i have been a Titleist guy for years and years and i think its time for a new set of irons. I currently play the 712 CB which, to me, are one of the most under rated irons ever. Just a great set.

    I was wondering how the new T100's may compare. do you feel the new technology will help my game? I am starting to miss more than i have in the past but i hate chunky looking clubs. I know i have to get over that, but for the sake of this discussion, do you feel the T100's are more forgiving on mishits, will fly longer than the 712's and may be worth the upgrade?


  2. DoubleD

    greensboro, NC

    I work at a golf academy and we had an old set of 712 CB’s get traded in. I have been out on the range hitting them. The 712’s are really solid feeling clubs! I think you should go for the 620 CB’s.
  3. I am definitely going to try them, but I am wondering of the ne T100 would be a significant upgrade over the 712CBs in terms of length, forgiveness and playability
  4. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    The T100 is a bit more forgiving. They have a thinner topline than the AP2 had so they don't look as chunky at address.

    Get to a Titleist Thursday event and see how a proper fitting goes!
  5. Standing over the T100s they look awesome.

    The topline is really thin and the forgiving piece is not noticeable.

    If you need forgiveness and consistency definitely worth a try

    Nice spin numbers too

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