AP3 vs T200? Not sure which one

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By Harry L

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  1. Harry L

    Harry L

    Still play my AP2716 but getting older and need a bit more forgiving irons. Hit the AP3 once and find them very forgiving. Can anyone tell me if the T200 iron is comparable to the AP3? I don’t care if the topline is smaller in the new irons or the offset is different. I want to know just which one is more forgiving.

  2. Harry L

    Harry L

    No one who hit both irons?
  3. golfinnut

    Leesburg, VA

    T200's are more forgiving since the added Tungsten weighting in the correct spots. But the sound is what is the main difference between the AP3's & T200's. The sound is much more muted in the T200's. Believe me, I have the AP3's right now & they are very "clicky" vs the T200's.
    But if you really are looking for forgiveness, I would really give the T300's a look at. They are THE most forgiving club Titleist makes. And they are complete launchers .... high & soft.

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