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By Thomas H

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  1. I'm just looking to get a more comprehensive understanding of the T300's. Is this set of irons comparable to the AP1's? I currently play the 716 AP1's and am a consistent low to mid eighties golfer at private clubs. I am looking to upgrade irons in the spring and just want to see what the T-3's will bring to the table that my 716 AP1's do not, or if my game may be ready to jump to the T-2's.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The T-300 replaced the AP-1 line. While the jump from the AP-1 to the AP-2 was a substantial change in forgiveness and feel, the AP-3 and now the T-200 offer some of the features of both. The t-200 is different from the AP-3 in that the face is forged on a cast body. In the T-300, the long irons have the Max technology to make them easier to launch (4-7 irons). Worth exploring both.
  3. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Still waiting for demo/fitting days to begin down here. Should resume in November. Clubs are available at Dick's but I prefer to hit them outdoors at our range.
  4. Good luck to all.
    I preordered (and paid for) my t300 set from a fitter/dealer in mid August. Now two months later no word if the order has even been processed! Nothing special- tensei red bent 1.5 flat. I don’t expect to see these clubs until after the fall season is over. Good thing Titleist isn’t making cars or bread. VERY DISAPPOINTED
  5. I hit the T-300s at a Titleist fitting. Yes, they correspond in terms of head size to the AP1. They have a top line very similar to the AP1, and represent the most forgiving head options like the AP1. I currently play the AP3s, and was turned off by the thick top line of the AP1s.......but have to admit that hitting the T-300s I was significantly more consistent as far as distance and dispersion, and also picked up almost 10 yards (part of this is due to loft, but I also got better ball speed off the same club head speed as the AP3s). As well, the sound and impact is so smooth........the T300s are really an amazing club.
  6. I hit both the T-200 and T-300 at my fitting. The topline of the T-200 is definitely thinner, and I liked the look at set-up a little better but the numbers were just better for me with the T-300. First range session with the last night and definitely happy with my choice.

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