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By RickG

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  1. RickG

    Tucson, AZ

    Anybody find they play better and/or enjoy rounds much more with fewer clubs, less tech (I do carry a range finder), less weight (I walk when desert weather and courses will allow)? I just want to get out and hit the ball and not agonize over club choice or end up with a sore shoulder at the end of the day (still prefer single strap over the fussy backpack setup on my Titleist carry bag). I am fine-tuning my half set/7-8 clubs setup. I don't really mind larger gapping because I hit half shots pretty consistently. Currently, my bag has: 1. Putter (old, worn, on it's last leg but I hit it true) 2. Vokey 58.14K (3 months in, love it, have not failed to get out of a trap in 1) 3. Vokey 50.08F (also 3 months old, works for me for many shots) 4-6. Custom T200 5,7,9 (2* weak, 0.5 upright, first irons I hit consistently and get height with) for executive courses: 7. C'way 4 Hybrid set to 20*(would like to get fitted for a TS2 in this slot) for long courses add (yes, this is more than half the 14 limit, but jeez those 5s are long): 8. C'way 15*Fairway Wood (drive with this too, yet to find a full size driver that fits) If I find a driver that works I would go for a longer hybrid or maybe a 13.5* 3 wood.

    Anybody else who plays this way ... what is in your bag? ideas for the long clubs?

    (I've thought about starting a local league/tournament of half set golf called "The Half in the Bag Walking Society, with Golf". ... one of these days ...)

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