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By William S

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  1. I'm considering buying the TS4 driver but before I pull the trigger, for those that have purchased and have used this driver on the course, what pros and cons have you noticed?

  2. Cancel this thread. After seeing all the posts to the thread titled "TS3 driver snapped and head cracked" from January-October 2019, I am deciding against purchasing any TS model drivers until this issue is resolved. The cracked/deformed heads sounds like a manufacturing defect trend.
  3. Just to add some balance I have had my TS2 for over a year now and no defects or problems
    I have hit and mis-hit all over the face and it still polishes up like new
    After several sets of irons and woods I can vouch for Titleist quality plus I know if something did go wrong the after sales support is first class
    I could be one of the lucky people but I don’t see too many negatives on the forums and do see a lot of positive comments
    I hope you can get confident enough to go for it
  4. Richard I

    Richard I
    Bucyrus, OH

    I agree with not worrying about Titleist support if there were a problem. My 917f2 3w face cracked about 2 months ago. I took it to my local golf store and had a new replacement in less than a week. The best part was since the 917 is out of ptoduction, they send a TS2 3w head and the TS is sooo easy to hit, it has replaced my actual gamer which was a epic f S-Z.

  5. I have a TS4 and love it, but I was fit for it.

    TM's m5 and m6 along with cally's flash have been failing way more than the TS series, FYI.
  6. I see cracked faces, broken hosels etc all the time and it is spread evenly among all manufacturers, the truth is, it happens either from abuse or otherwise. Companies will almost always take care of any issues within 2 years of date a purchase. Had a guy hit another brands driver on a cold 40 degree with a limited flight range ball, his swing speed is 120mph, put a huge dent in the face, the company sent him a brand new driver. I wouldn't have it factor in your decision, that being said the TS4 is great for lowering spin and trajectory and the profile has a great look.
  7. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    To address both of your points:

    First, I would not recommend just "buying" a TS4 driver. It is made for a player with pretty high clubhead speed and higher spin rates. It is designed to reduce the spin. In all of the fittings I have done, I have not seen this club be the best fit. Actually I have found that more people fall into the TS1 than the TS4. Go get fit, it will point you to the correct club/shaft for your swing.

    Second, I too have had my TS driver since the product release. I play and practice quite a bit and have a lot of people I know that do the same. None of us, or any of my customers, have had a problem with a TS driver. Buy with confidence, Titleist produces some of the best products out there. If there is a problem, Titleist will stand behind the product.
  8. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Ive had the TS since they came out last fall. Ive hit it a ton. On the simulator, on the range, on the course. Ive smacked balls in the heat, I've smacked balls in the cold. I absolutely love it and Ive had nothing but positive results from it. Its been completely reliable. I dont know where you saw the comments, but Im sure that Titleist would 100% take care of it!

    I would 100% recommend any of the TS drivers to you.

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