2019 AP2 Black irons, black wear any way to have them repainted?

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  1. TTF

    Delacombe, 0

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is anyway to have these black special edition AP2 irons that released earlier this year repainted properly when the black finish starts to come off???

    I realised you could do it with some sort of car paint or model paint which would probably not look right and will probably come off again etc, just wondering if there is any proper way to get it done etc.

    Or if there is anyway to help prevent it (people are saying to avoid hitting off mats), ormay is there some kind of chemical to put on it something?

    Love the look of these clubs but soon came across the wear issue people we're having, if can't easily fix won't worry about them.

    Can see wear pics here forums.golfwrx.com/.../718-ap2-blacks-4-9-irons

    Any help would be great

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